My birth might not have brought smiles to many faces
I might have been killed while known as "she" in many cases
I might have got thrown in various unknown dirty places
God you being the creator, why have you pushed me to such circumstances?
When I got my period I wasn't mature enough to understand the man's lust!
I thought every man is like my brother and father whom I can easily trust!
If it happens or doesn't happen I am always been forced to fill men's hunger!
Forgetting the fact even they have seen the world from a mother!
God, you being the creator why have you crushed me with so complicated cycle of the period?
Being a prostitute I am unable to tell my name to my child!
Being a widow I have my challenges to sail with agony in the world!
Being a mom with another man's support I should share the joy of having a child with my husband!
God you being the creator, why have you been so Furious in my motherhood?

.    .    .