Sports are not just physical activities or games, but it has been a part of our life over the ages. From our childhood, we were said to play some games to be healthy. Sports is not just entertainment it is one way to be physically fit which will help us to mentally focus on our work. Thus sports help us to improve both our mental & physical health. Most importantly sports teaches some important quality in life like being fair & the importance of teamwork. In this article, I will share my perspective on Sports.

What is SPORTS?

Score Pride Opportunity Record Talent Success

Score -

The Score is the Factor that decides a winner and a loser in any Sport. But the greatest thing in Sports is not just winning but the persistence a player shows until the last moment of the game. Like many sports critics and Legends says, Win or Lose is a part of the game. But being Sportive after Losing and Being Humble after Winning shows Sportsmanship. In Sports, sometimes a Team or Players lose the game but still, they go on to win many Hearts just because of the Sportsmanship they express. Thus in Sports, more than Score, being fair is equally important.


Representing your country in sports is always a pride moment for any sportsmen & sportswomen. Next to the Military if there is some field where we can express our Patriotism is Sports. Many small countries have got global attention and recognition by Sports. Especially in the Olympics where even a small island country gets the pride moment when their players clinch medals. When India participated in the Cricket World cup 1983, none believed India will win the tournament as India was considered to be minnows. But after India’s World cup triumph everyone’s perspective on India got changed. Later on, India emerged as the top cricketing nation. Thus by Sports, we can bring pride to our nation.

Opportunity -

Sports is not just a game, it is an opportunity, a career option and for some, it is a chance to uplift their financial status. Nowadays Sports has become a career option where individuals get the opportunity to get employment through sports quota in government as well as in the private sector. The parents have to find the talent in their children and encourage them to pursue sports whichever their children are interested in. Sports play an important role in the Economy of a country. A very good example is the Olympics, Where the hosting country attracts a huge sum of money from sponsors, Visitors and advertisements. Another example of sports playing a part in the country’s economy is IPL – Indian Premier League where the Indian Government gets a huge benefit financially. Sports help in enriching a sportsperson's life by giving him an identity, career option, and fulfilment. Being a Sportsperson one has pride in representing a billion population on behalf of the country he/she represents.

Records -

There are many Records created & broken in Sports which are set by sportsmen and sportswomen. All the records are meant to be broken. Real success is not by breaking other's record but creating own record. Breaking the record is not the final victory for any sportsperson as they have to be consistent to remain on top because,

 “For every Rise, there is a Fall & for every Fall there is a Rise”.

Talent -

Sports is where we find a lot of young and new talents. Many young talents across the globe are flourishing in their games. The Government has to give opportunities for those talents with good infrastructure for practice and also career support. Every sport has to be given equal importance and sports should be away from Gender discrimination, Nepotism, and partiality. When a Sportsperson wins a medal for the country, both player and the country get recognition, and thus it is a win-win situation for both. Therefore the selection of players should be fair enough without any politics and full weightage has to be given to the talent of the player.


Success is the end product of every sportsperson’s hardwork. In my Perspective, I will define the process of Success as,

“Designed by Determination, Framed by Failure, Constructed by Criticism, Produced by Perseverance & at last Scripted the Success”.

We should remember this famous proverb:

“Failure is a stepping stone of Success”.

 Sports also teaches us never to take the success to the head which will create head weight, instead enjoy the success and keep the successful memories inside the heart and focus on the next Goal.


Thus Sports play a significant role in mankind by improving physical and mental health, by increasing the economy of a country, and also by enriching sportsperson’s life. Some Evil factors like Gender discrimination, Nepotism, Racism, Doping, Match-fixing, etc. should be vanished to save the spirit of Sports. It is recommended for everyone to be actively involved in some sports activities even if we are not professional to keep us healthy against this ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic and increase our immunity.

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