Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

The doors of serendipity that once led to the secret chambers of euphoria and bliss have been shut and sealed, leaving me alone in an ill-ventilated room of obscurity; My fatigued and worn-out eyes constantly trying to catch sight of a casement to keep the spark of hope alive within me. The doors of chance have now disappeared into the thick red wall unmercifully leaving me to succumb and be extinguished.

The dimensions of the gloomy territory seem to shrink with every breath I take, resulting in it having modified into a coffin. I screamed and shouted until I drained out the last drop of water from my body; But all those cries for help were just vanishing into the cruel woods of the casket, leaving them unheard and unprecedented. My fingers have gone feeble and have accepted its conquest against the mighty sarcophagus within which I have been barbarically confined. My deserted and cracked lips craved desperately like a peacock for a downpour pleading the sand to be merciful enough to let the droplets reach my lips. But the harsh walls of the coffin didn't let the pleas reach the sand and skies again leaving them unheard and unprecedented. My entire life appeared as a flash before my weary eyes. Both my mind and body had accepted the fact that there is no escape now. My soul began to bid goodbye and as soon as it alighted to depart, There was a loud vibratory thunderous disturbing sound, I opened my eyes to realize that it was all a dream, and turned off the alarm. Guess what, I decided to shut my eyes and go back to that disastrous dream, because the reality that I woke up to was even worse. Didn't wanna get out of that bed and live the life I had. Coz the casket seemed gentle compared to the actuality I was going through for months. So I denied the iota of escape given to me by the loud alarm, wrapped myself in that cozy blanket, shut my eyes, and chose to go back to that peaceful casket...….

.    .    .