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“Be limitless by every mile, Breathe more meaningfully every second, and Live more Powerfully everyday”
This article articulates the motive for readers to adopt one of the forms of sports as running to live a healthy lifestyle, and draw inspiration from renowned athletes and sports personalities to keep going when the going gets touch.

“To accomplish greater things, you need to think bigger and express more".

Sports have empowered people to be their best versions and inspired them to beyond their possibilities and potential. Humanity calls for the expression of creative energies through physical and mental forms. Life becomes meaningful when the peaceful mind and restful body reach their optimum energy.

One of the physical forms to harness these energies is by running and feeling your breath every mile. It awakens your senses to receive positive learning from the environment you. Running offers your mind new ideas and the most beautiful perspectives about life through the lens of your inner energies. As you take a generous outlook on life, you feel more and more grateful. You can benefit from the best things if you walk for at least 30 minutes or run for a minimum of 20 minutes every day. Being consistent is the key to maintaining a healthy body and mind.

One of the most popular sports is marathons. In ancient times, humans used to run distances far greater, even than a marathon. Earlier, one of man’s greatest assets as a hunter was known to be his ‘stamina’. In fact, when at rest, the average human generates about 100 watts of power. And, within a span of a few minutes, humans can easily sustain 300-400 watts; and in times of very short bursts of energy, like during sprinting, some humans can output over 2,000 watts.

Even though the human body possesses an immense ability and can generate volumes of power and energies, the purpose and reason behind running were undermined earlier because weaponry became more renowned as a skill. However, in Egyptian times, running was prized known as a rare military skill. For example, in those times, King Taharka held a long-distance 100km race just to keep his army up to scratch. This race is contested today as the standard “ultradistance” race.

Another inspiring form of the race today is famously known as “para-athletics”, for wheelchair racers. Amongst many notable Paralympic athletes, Trischa Zorn-Hudson has been one of the top athletes who pulled off an incredible feat winning. She appeared in seven Paralympic Games and won 55 medals (41 gold, 9 silver, 5 bronze). At the Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games, it was a proud moment for all to witness Hudson winning 10 gold medals in 10 events and setting 10 world records. It is incredible to see how people motivate themselves to keep going despite the challenges that come in their way.

It is truly said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

So, without a doubt, running strengthens your body and your spirit to achieve, especially when you are motivated to run for a bigger cause than yourself or your interests. For example, the Run4Soldiers marathon organized by Adani Marathon Club every year, or running for those fighting cancer, or for disaster relief, etc. So many such events render a sense of purpose and meaning to running and then, running becomes the purpose and meaning of one’s life.

“Tough Times don’t last but tough people do.”- Robert Schuller

Nevertheless, women have also worn crowns of success. Women athletes and marathon winners, like Nina Kuscsik, Kathrine Switzer, Bobbi Gibb, and many more struggled to even take part in the races because of the fixed mindset and gender stereotypes people had earlier. For example, people assumed that women are “not physiologically able to run a marathon farther than 1.5 miles.” So, although challenges like these or other personal problems came as setbacks for many athletes in their journey to accomplish success and glory. Yet, it made them tougher, stronger, and smarter.

“This is the spirit of a true athlete- overcoming challenges to win and winning to overcome challenges.”

Running inspires an individual to change oneself and even revolutionize and recall history only if you set audacious goals to achieve something beyond and more significant than you.

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