Source: Lucija Rasonja from Pixabay 

I remember the first time, I looked at you. You seemed different. I never knew you'd be the reason for me to start loving anyone else's when I was just starting to learn how to love myself. You know what's even funnier? I thought you loved me from the beginning and it led me to love you more and you were in many every other thought. You know what was my mistake here? It was loving you enough thinking you'd love me the same. But you didn't! My Muse, I know you had reasons... But when I started to love you I always prayed that you could love me back. I know it's too much to ask for, I know, I am a very demanding person, I want people to accept me as I am. But you could have asked me one last time, the last time when I disregarded you as to why I wanted to be away to let you feel my presence even if I was not there for you. I am glad that you've your life now. But, I wish my love wasn't just a mistake but a beautiful fairy tale.

Yours till date!

.    .    .