Source: Edu Lauton on Unsplash

You are a Beauty... oh yes, of course, a beauty… we all are. Why is it always considered or imagined with how we look? We all look good if we are good-hearted. Remember my lines always, "Outside beauty is interlinked with the inner peace, kind-heartedness". It reflects on your face it keeps your charisma, charms, and freshness. Have you not seen people who always help others, peaceful from the inside. We all just take a moment to look at them because they are attractive, different from others that vibe it can’t be bought, it’s not God-given, it’s how you react to the situation positively or negatively. And remember my words when you are what I am talking about you wouldn’t care how you look because you will have bigger things to do you will have a vision a bigger picture of how you want to live your goals your strategy to get it. So if you get trapped in the vicious circle of outer beauty you will never enjoy the real beauty.

If I go deeper into the term beauty in simple ways it's your personality that sails through in long run, for eg. how you are, what you do, what is your interest, etc which craves your personality. If you love what you do, or you are pursuing it you will be happy and that's the beauty, "The beauty of life" that will reflect inner and outer. But that's not easy because that's life it will never be that's why we are discussing it being happy is not easy because for that you should know yourself which my friend only seems easy when you hear it. All the successful people in this world have this thing in common, they know themselves what they like doing, what they don't is which of them they can pursue the whole life. Keeping finance in mind if you took two decisions of life right that is career and life partner, you have a great probability that your life will be full of happiness which is indirectly "Beauty". Happiness is not an event it's the process. 

If it was then popular stars would have not died by suicide. If looking happy was enough no one would have ever taken such steps if achievements were the last step then movie stars like Sushant would have never done so. I firmly believe that happiness is in the process not in the destination. It would have happened with you as well dreaming of success or the goal gives you more happiness than actually when you achieve it. So be in whatever phase you are there always a bigger goal always, be in a process never stop and consider that's it may be that event is over not the process of evolving, own your struggle fight for it that's the beauty. In the end, I would only like to say keep your family closer try to attain an inner peace that depends and varies but it's not materialistic for sure, try to be happy it's the only way no one else can or will make you happy your whole life. Celebrate every moment and learn which is eventually beauty which will keep you beautiful "The Beauty of Life".

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