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Leadership refers to the quality of leading people. It is one of the most important characteristics of life. A person who is confident has passion, and ambition, and inspires you is an effective leader. A leader must not give up easily. An example of an effective leader is Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He was born on 30th November 1874. He successfully led Britain in World War 2. Now I would be telling you the qualities of an Effective leader:

Self Confidence:

Self-confidence is a feeling of faith in one’s abilities. Self-confidence helps us prepare for the future. Confidence is the paramount quality to be a leader. The leader must have confidence in his decisions and must inspire others. A leader must be an idol for his followers. Confidence can keep you safe, helps you in decision-making, earns you respect, makes you a better communicator, and most importantly it motivates you.


Positivity is another notable quality of a leader. Positivity means thinking in an optimistic way and expecting good results. It makes you feel happier. If a person is positive his/her health would be good. It helps in an increased lifespan and lower levels of pain.

Communication Skills:

Another important quality is good communication skills. Good communication skills are a guarantee of the survival of a group. Without this, progress is not possible. This is because poor communication means the wrong message to the group.

Good Listener:

Listening is a must for a good leader. Listening to People with great attention helps the leader to understand one’s point of view, ideas, and opinions. Which can surely help him take a great decision.


Motivation helps others to think better. A leader should have the power to motivate the people working under him so if they can’t do their best he can say “It’s a great try” or “It's fine don’t worry about it”

These qualities are not present in everyone. There are few people who possess these qualities and thus become leaders. Good leaders are ones who can make things happen with all their determination and efforts. Good leaders believe in doing what they say and working on it till they achieve their goals.

A good leader is different from just being a leader!!

A leader inspires the team and makes them do their very best. A leader helps people to be better people. An effective leader helps to develop society. Leaders help in growing society. A good leader fuels innovation helps in better communication and inspires.

A leader is one who can motivate others and lead a group of people. It is different to be a good leader than just being a leader. It is because a good leader does not only influence others but makes them realize their potentials. It motivates people to give their best. Mahatma Gandhi did not ask anyone to follow him but his deeds and concepts of life influenced other people and they got inspired by him. Good leaders proved that action speaks more than words by working instead of boasting.

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