Life begins when the first breath is inhaled
when this world is unexplained,
But for a child one asset is dearest
Even when he doesn't know his nearest,
After a few years, when childhood is fused
As a form of goddess Lakshmi
this asset is introduced,
As time increased its speed
this money becomes a need,
As life is not easy to be feed
To feed
this need becomes greed,
Then adulthood period arrive
when money is necessary to survive,
Here person tries a successful walk
where money is involved in important talks,
with time level of life also spins
in relation and money, money wins,
Touching money is the most beautiful tap
when involved increases social gaps,
It becomes someone's Happiness reason
But it can't buy or change a season,
It has a standard identity
It's receiving increase a person's curiosity,
Money can buy success claps
But can't buy short naps,
Money can make a person wise
but it can't buy time clockwise,
Money in life takes a morale test
But when passed life become best,
Life is full of social chats
A person with good morale walks on success mats,
As success comes to the moon
The person leaves morale very soon,
Then life takes an old age turn
when social life begins to burn,
Only money is the reason of importance
When every breath becomes a critical substance,
This stage is full of struggle
Here person becomes a frugal,
Here life bent toward nature
where money brings little features.

.    .    .