Source: Harut Movsisyan from Pixabay 
  • Sad songs have always been my favorite maybe because love and heartbreak, grief, and sadness have always been close to my heart. It is an inevitable part of life and what's better then you find a melody to dance to your pain, to let go of the numbness for just a while, and feel something; anything.
  • Happiness and excitement last for a while but grief continues a lifetime sometimes and hence there are more words to spare, more stories and experiences to talk about and hence there are a thousand songs expressing it.
  • I love how it gives out the idea that pain can be beautiful, it can give out art, and that expressing it through words sung in a soothing melody gives you and all the people that relate to it a weird comfort that someone somewhere got through this very thing.
  • Grief can be about different things it can be losing a small toy to losing a person, letting go of the past, or letting go of somebody you thought was the love of your life. And so there are different words stating the same familiar feeling everyone has come across once.
  • Some of the beautiful songs on grief - 'Saathi Rey' from Kapoor & Sons deals with the death of a loved one, whereas 'Jiyen Kyun' deals with the heartbreak you feel when they leave, and then 'Moh Moh Ke Dhaage' deals with the chaos in a relationship where one is overwhelmed while the other nonchalant.

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