Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Staring at the counterpart of the soul encircles with the comfort of being at home.
The divine encounter between the self manifests intimacy into the physical realm.
Thousands of years of waiting get closure and the twins reach the ultimate reunion.
Tapping into the energy only increases familiarity, as if mirroring is another basic nature.
Experiencing the pain the divine counterpart has been through without being able to give comfort is agony.
Reflection is a reason for concern; because of the traumas, this fraction has endured.
However, it can be considered a miracle to be on this wonderful journey.
Spiritual growth is proved to be proportional to closeness and the ability to feel the energy.
The blessing is feeling the happiness from the other side, whenever it is growing immensely.
The gift is to send love and healing energy without touching in 3D reality.
Only destiny behold the truth which is believed to be sweet.
The universe is glowing with all the faith and trust from the feminine.
The idea of eternal mates always gave an emotional impression,
The concept of recognizing the one always fascinated the innocence
Maybe because the spirit was guiding us towards the destination.
The harsh pain the heart has felt physically while wanting to unify with the mirror
Days and nights have witnessed the tears of grief turning into tears of relief.
Connecting through space, wind, water, and nature; hoping the signs are reaching the right horizon
The path is adventurous and uncertain at the same time.
The new Earth is emerging and the truth has been acknowledged through the divine.
If the wisdom has been spread then fate is the earthly reunion of the masculine and feminine.
Only if there was a word for dying and living every day while waiting and loving for thousands of years
The fulfillment of promises was written in the stars, the soul is converging into one again.
The red full moon is the contributor as destiny smiles at the union.
Being grateful for the equivalent, for the journey is truly a blessing till the end.
Take care until both the fragments of the soul come together again.

.    .    .