Even though my eyes have never set upon you,
You are the term I long have preferred.
I touched you in the form of morning dew
I felt you in the glimpse of rain, in the flock of birds.
Your lap is the softest comfort I have ever received
The absence of affection as a child made me yearn for you
The love I have longed for made you my mother instead.
The fond look of affection in your eyes
The tender touch of love in your hands,
Everything just keeps pulling towards you like an invisible thread.
Can this be called being a devotee or just family?
Devotion, love, and gratitude are all I feel.
You reside inside of me, I am nothing but a piece of you only.
Being grateful is also feeling inadequate in front of you.
You are the mother I have always wanted, always imagined.
Thank you mother for helping me realize my love for you!

.    .    .