Darkness can engulf even the luminous star,
The colorful daylight can also feel grey.
The sweetest fruit can be humiliated,
Even by the tree, it came from.
But the taste always remains delightful.
Sometimes angels come to earth.
To help the fruit appreciate its taste.
Even a slight glimpse of the vibrant sun can illuminate a gloomy soul.
But then the desire to come together with the source of the light thrives within.
It may appear absurd to fulfill dreams to touch the sun.
But gratitude can lay the first stone even in the waiting room.
They may come across as the sun upon the sky.
Their light gives rays of happiness on the darkest nights.
That enthusiastic rainbow may glow always.
The 7 colors may find their magnificence.
If one color doesn't twinkle someday
May the others encourage it to recognize its elegance.
May those 7 angels accept themselves as they are.
Because without the night, the day will not prevail

.    .    .