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Female feticide still is a questionable offense which regulated by many uneducated people. Why is this practice still going on ??

A poll by the Thomson Reuters Foundation found that India is ranked the most unsafe country for women. Their culture of perpetuating female inferiority and subordination contributes to a vicious cycle of mass sex-selective abortions and female feticide, which has exacerbated crimes against women. Sex-selective abortions, also known as female feticides, occur when female fetuses are aborted due to a cultural preference for sons. In India, the cause for female feticide is the overwhelming belief that women have less societal value than men. A lack of education among women, insufficient female leadership, and negative perceptions of women as “economic burdens” contribute to this view.

However, a tool meant to help families prepare for a new life exacerbated India’s existing infanticide issue. Since sex determination technology became available in the 1970s, India is estimated to have about 63 million fewer women. Female feticide based on sex-determination testing is a relatively new practice. It skyrocketed in India around the 1990s when ultrasound technology became widespread among upper-class and upper-caste society members. When the Indian government became aware of this technology, they passed the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act (1994), which made it illegal to determine the sex of a fetus unless it was necessary for urgent medical reasons. As a result, it is estimated that there will be 6.8 million fewer female births by 2030, precisely due to the consistent practice of sex-selective abortions.

From a cultural standpoint, Indian boys maintain the family legacy as they carry the family name and typically perform funeral rites for their parents, allowing their souls to have safe passage. These perceptions have bolstered the mentality that parents should value their sons and treat them with more pride and respect than Indian girls who are less valued in society. The political culture in India further exacerbates the perception that women should be treated inferiorly. In the 1980s, political propaganda in India and the United States portrayed slogans such as “Pay 5,000 now, save 50,000 later” directed toward South-Asian communities to encourage them to pay the cost of sex-determination technology than having a daughter and bearing an economic cost in the future.

Professor Ferus-Comelo also explained that the rise of the Hindu political right has furthered, “notions of womanhood tied exclusively to the heteronormative wife and mother roles. This then restricts women’s abilities to break out of these molds.”

Abortion is one of these procedures. The woman does not have the right to choose whether she would like to have an abortion. Since sex determination tests are illegal within India, many women opt-in for diagnostic testing (conducted illegally by gangs), take sex selection drugs (SSDs) or try “old-wives tale” remedies to change the sex of the fetus after conception. Still, many women are unaware that the fetus’s sex is determined during the fertilization of the egg by sperm and cannot be changed after that.

Over the coming decades, this trend will contribute to a deepening marriage squeeze that will make it increasingly difficult for young men to find wives. According to a study by demographer Christophe Guilmoto, by 2060, more than 10% of men will still be single by the time they turn 50 years old. This trend is not restricted to India, either. Studies using data from other Asian countries such as China, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka have found that where the sex ratio is low, women are more likely to have been raped or to have experienced violence from their partners.

The Indian government passed the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act (PCPNDT) in 1994 to ban and punish prenatal sex screening and female foeticide. It is currently illegal in India to determine or disclose the sex of the fetus to anyone. Still, Nearly 4.6 crore (45.8 million) females are 'missing' in Indian demography in the year 2020, mainly due to pre and post-birth sex selection practices stemming from son preference and gender inequality, a recently released United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) report has said.

India accounts for almost one-third (32.1 per cent) of the total 142.6 million missing females in the world and is the second-highest contributor. The biggest contributor is China at 72.3 million (7.2 crores) 'missing females' that is 50.7 per cent of all missing females in the world. As for the capitalist mindset, sex-selection techniques were made easily and illegally available by highly educated doctors and technicians simply for the lure of big money. At present, mobile sex-determination labs operate blatantly in rural areas too.

Weird it is !!

Now I think it's not just a taboo its a curse on our whole humanity and especially on those who treat like this their woman behind the curtains but in front of the whole nation, they talk about women's power, compare women to goddesses and give some foodstuffs to girls on Navratri. These persons are not less than devils. Just now I remembered a few days back one reputed minister said: "Raavan did nothing wrong he just kidnaped a SITA which is not a big deal" !!?? 

This female feticide affects our lifestyle also in deep and we do not invest a second to think over it. 

It's like the cycle of karmas I must say. Female we say her naari or in other words, we worship Lord Shiva the core of life force energy in the form of "Ardhnarishwar" but how could we all forget that its Lord Shiva himself showing the power of life as shakti within the ultimate silence and meditation of his innermost Devine world we never going to feel or visualize it if we all in this man-made outer commercialize world suppressing the birth of infant girl child just by thinking of girl as burden nothing else ??

According to me now if I visualize the word FEMALE I would love to explain it as the Fetus that has the quality of a female which can gonna give birth to a male if she doesn't kill brutally as in the stage of female feticide. Or if the Fetus is in the form of a male how can we disconnect that soul from the body nourishment of her mother which is a female, not a male ?? 

Female feticide increasing day by day in the name of the old mindset, rural patriarchy, or having the male dominating culture we have which is like dirt, and a girl's soul is able to survive by taking birth in this world by the support of her strong protector which we call her mother, is not less than the soul bloom like a lotus when she opens her eyes towards the world which we can't ever go to deny.

The practicing of female feticide in our country is the main psychology according to me which promotes the male to think that girl's life doesn't matter to live, she is meant to be dead as she is a burden so the first husband never cares about their wife for eg we keep on listening from our ancestors the way the weird relationship exists between husband and wife and many couples till now feels like suffocating relationships with their spouse and this resulting day by day increase of divorce rate and domestic violence's we can't forget that too. But yes many girls you can't believe also in daily life who is really got exploited or who is not ?? 

But if one boy watching that female feticide is normal in his society, for his elders, relatives, and parents How we can stop him not to thinking vulgar about girls?? How we can stop him not to raping?? How can we stop him not to being violent towards your sister or wife or any other girl ???

How can we establish the seed of love in the human heart if we can't able to give that love to an unborn child actually that fetus whose mistake is just that it belongs to the female species ??  


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