Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay 

The journey comes to surprise me
The journey comes to explore me 
Don't know what twist it hiding 
But it introducing  different me
The new dawn whispering to  me
Come close to live's new way to breathe in 
Feel the new paths which belongs to someone else destinations
Feel yourself in the aura of nature 
Don't forget to spark the light of happiness 
To empower yourself in the kingdom of miracles 
Don't know what to happen next 
But for now I am listening the rhythm of myself 
Eyes dancing in the glittering of new hopes 
Strangers not strangers as we start new trips and tours
They are the friendly fruits 
Which refresh the mood swings from their unique talks 
Mind works differently 
Heart smiles silently 
Its new fresh look of mine loving me in deep
No worries of daily routine 
No excitement for just entertainment 
New shores new roads 
Encouraging my steps 
New music played by voice of birds 
Healing my inner soul with rhythm of shiva 
Dense long trees
Showering Devine love over me 
This kind of special entertainment 
Not less than spiritual enlightenment.

.     .     .