Photo by Barthelemy de Mazenod on Unsplash

Mirrors are treasures
Of our personalities
It knows the secret 
Behind the looks of our ages
Most of the time 
It whispers
I am here in days 
Of your loneliness
It knows the secret 
How many layers of mask 
One's personality has
It support us 
When we can't found ourselves
It showers love
When we do make-up
Rhythm of dancers 
Capture by it in rehearsals
It reflects our voice in echo
When we sing in front of it 
It only knows
The magic of our aura
It feels dull 
When we trap in negativity
It feels glowing 
When we glitter from positivity
Only mirror treat 
Every girl like princess
And its power of mirror
Who made all boys egoist
When it touched by water droplets
It influenced our heart to fly in dreams
When mirror wants our attention
It fades away 
When it got angry 
It breaks down
And never be the same again 
Once lost never come back 
And it scream at last look 
These multiple pieces of yours
I life long bound in one frame 
It my hardship to make you happy all the time

.     .     .