Source: Paulo Márcio Dos Santos/Pexels

Familiar to our soul
Is the praying hands posture 
Is often associated with Christianity first
Followed by Jews, Hindus and Buddhist
As also their Devine tradition
Prayer is an invocation
Or worship through deliberate communication
From fire-based rituals 
To philosophical musings
Hindus took it in the form of 
Chanting, mantras and daily Namaste gestures
Hands in prayer position 
Completes the energy circuit
Prayer position shows our humbleness
Gratitude, praise ,thanksgiving 
Attitude towards 
Lord, God or higher supreme power
Every prayer, thought, word or deed
 Involves a flow of energy indeed
Its power to lift us, heal us, comfort us, inspire us 
On the positive side our aura flows
Praying  give us the assurance in terms of   
Powerful feeling of love, peace, serenity and safety
As the old saying goes, ‘a family that prays together, stays together’.
We feel our emotions
and at the weaker moment
We surrender ourselves 
in the Devine supreme power
To heal us from cosmic vibrations
our heart has direct connection 
By praying  position
our voice reach to constellation 

Which give us strength through 
positive vibes in  our blood circulation

.    .    .