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Life is precious we all knew but can we ever analyze that life is suspicious too. Our emotions are the strings which regulate our behaviour and these behaviour force us to commit crimes if we can't able to control them or they go higher strength to occupies our mind and don't allow us to think practically side effects and not allows to think adverse effects of our behaviour on others emotions and life. Psychology in this era has become an integral part of the legal system. Psychology is relevant in law as the law embodies the theories of the human behaviour of criminals as well as of it differentiate between culprit and suspect. Importantly sometimes criminal behavior is not the outcome of inner qualities because as we say "bad company promotes bad behaviour." 

So here I go with emphasis on it and by saying somewhere crime is promoted more by media, tv series, news more and more sometimes false or it is hidden but somehow it influencing innocent minds unconsciously to commit crimes. You all are aware of actor Sushant Singh Rajput's case which was a very sensitive case and still it's connected with us emotionally who are crazy for Bollywood and even who were not .but this media what that does they just played that story too much not to give justice to SSR's soul neither for his family nor to his reputed image serious side effects was the outcomes as it influences many children psychology and unconsciously they found themselves in SSR's situation or few thought SSR not getting any justice or few thought my favorite actor committed suicide which is illegal but still what many teenagers did???  They commit suicide without thinking of their life, their dreams, their family nothing only SSR because media earning trp on SSR case by repeating it again and again in the crucial time of lockdown and most preplanned crime and accidents here was they all teenagers commit suicide by also hanging them from the fan as SSR did.   

Many children don't know the seriousness of crimes which are they watch on tv very casually and they dared to do that many small children murder by knife why? because they might see in movies by attacking someone from knife also that character didn't get hurt as sometimes it telecast like the prank but in reality, it was committed like a crime to them.

And many scenes affect us like this only what we watch what we perceive what we analyze what we provoke unconsciously we don't know and now a day mostly tv series based on crimes, media articles, news everywhere crimes only crimes. I felt sometimes as I am living in surroundings of crimes seriously.

Most popular tv serial crime patrol:

This serial is the main asset as to influence everyone in terms of crime, disloyalty, create suspicious behavior in everyone's mind for our loved ones too and every night everyone wants to see that as a normal daily family household series I cant able to watch it just for 5 mins too so how can big ladies watching and simultaneously kids too? Many series ends as crime wins, illegal facts are good or no justice at all it also defaming legal aspects in our life's. What do you think guys ????

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