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"People who accomplish great things are aware of the negative, however, they give all their mental energy to the positive." - BOB PROCTOR

We all are surrounded by two types of energies positive and negative. These energies arise from our feeling of hate or feeling of love and make us happy or sad. My reason to write this article is to tell you how positivity is equal to freedom.

Positivity and Freedom:

Yes for me positivity is equal to freedom because a positive mind can make anything possible but this all depends on how you understand positivity.

Positivity and Beliefs:

We all humans have much belief since the day we were born and it's not our fault of course. These all beliefs come from our parents, our relatives, our teachers, friends, and the environment we are living in but we unconsciously follow them without knowing if it's good or not. For example, most of us had been told that mostly in India "If a cat will cross your path it will bring you bad luck". Really??  Stop and think about how animals can bring bad luck to anyone? It's only one example I am mentioning only one cause here we have millions of these types of blind beliefs which are given to us and are impacting our thoughts but if we sprinkle some positivity and erase those beliefs from our mind, wouldn't life be easier?

It's not the cat who brings you bad luck it's your blind belief that prisoned your consciousness thus you will blame the cat for all of your struggle throughout the day cause we humans always need someone to blame cause we don't accept our fault. But positivity is a weapon that can free your consciousness, can free your thoughts, and can free your mind. If you are positive nothing can bring you unluck. 

It's my own experience I consider if I see cats my day will go happy and lucky and it happens cause I connected my positivity with cat and you can do it too.

"Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth." - ALBERT EINSTEIN

Positivity and Mindset:

Once you are positive your all thoughts will be free from fear, free from sadness, free from hate, and free from jealousy cause these all are negative energies and a free mind only can bring you happiness, abundance, peace, and love. Few people struggle and complain that they can't think positively all the time cause negative thoughts come from nowhere to disturb them. This all happens cause we have a conscious brain and subconscious brain even if you want to be positive about something still are negative about that deeper down in your mind subconsciously. So you need to bring your conscious and subconscious mind together in positivity.

Once your thoughts are positive then everyone will listen to you cause a positive mind attracts everyone, of course, no one wants to be with someone who only complains about his life. Once you are positive no one can disagree with your ideas and plans.  Positivity will provide you freedom from the blind belief that stops everyone in the world to rise up. How anyone can be free when they are tied up in the cage of negativity.

Free thoughts come from a free mind and you can set your mind free with the greatest weapon "POSITIVITY" and a positive thought can move the world. Yes, mark my words you can check history that all the big movements, all the greatest accomplishments came from free thoughts.

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