Image by Anja from Pixabay 

Creativity of the divine
Proved to be a lifeline. 
From the flight of birds
To the flock of turkeys. 
From the haul of fish
To the bevy of quail. 
From the gaggle of geese
To the hive of bees. 
From the troop of lion
To the herd of cattle. 
From the kindle of kittens 
To a catch of fish. 
From the colony of bulls
To the brood of hens. 
From the kennel of dogs 
To the sloth of bears. 
From the rookery of seals
To the trip of sheep. 
From the doping of sheldrake
To the nest of snakes. 
From the cluster of cats
To the herd of kangaroos. 
From the school of dolphins
To the trip of dotterel. 
From the wisp of snipe
To the serration of sparrows. 
From the descent of woodpecker
To the herd of wrens. 
From the shrewdness of apes
To the army of ants. 
From the parade of elephants
To the parliament of owls. 
Proved to be a lifeline
Creativity of the divine. 

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