Image by Gregor Ritter from Pixabay 

Would that have been, I could pamper your pious feet, O My Mother
Would that have been, I could owe you my heartbeat, O My Mother
For the one who matters the most to me,
For the one who is the dusk and dawn to me,
For the one who is the peace and progress to me,
For the one who is the earth and the sky to me.
Shaken eyes of tears trembling,
Broken hearts of fires flowing.
If not infidelity prohibited,
acquainted you deserved,
to get "The Status of Sun".
Spamming my secrets to share with you,
For the pain of yours to lose your arm realized.
Sympathizing the realized reality of yours,
Not rushed but portraying empathy for us.
Mother; On you are the one;
who keeps herself in pain,
who keeps her life all in vain,
who keeps her health to drain,
All for her child's gain.

Oh, My Mother,
Piously pray praise for me,
Strongly support stand with me.
Shackles of solitude shall sunk your son,
Lie life of the world shall sunk your son.
Mother is the universe. The universe...

Oh, My Mother,
You put your life to distress,
For my life to get out of stress.
You saved my life ,
And slaved yours with a knife.
Never let the destruction drought did,
By the people who always bid,
A hid a hid a hid
of their faces.
Stabbing To Solitude,
Oppressor-owned outgrowths,
Fake and furious,
Dark and devastating.
Battalions of sorrows buried our brains,
The ages when the mind plays trains,
We were drained and drained.
Crowned became coin less,
Time took tastes,
Creator coded creation"
Never fell for the fortune of finance
Over the eternity of esteem.
Unimaginable nightmare,
Tough blind buffs life,
puzzled and riddled.
For your eyes fell the pious pour,
For your heart fill the sorry sorrows.
For you,
I would deduct my life over decades,
For you,
I would drain my life over decades.
Melting sapphires & rubies is the Mother's Love Melting emeralds
& jades is the Mother's love For the Mother's love is the Moonstone.
Linguistics of literature laid loud looks to;
The Paradise lies under your Mother's foot.
Head and Heart bowing to supplicate,
The Sinner son of yours bowing to supplicate, My apologies ask you to supplicate,
For as long as my deeds are duplicated.
Mother is the universe.

Oh, My Mother,
The cherished face of yours is still a wish,
Took you to the heavenly worlds is still a wish,
Cleansing the wounds of your heart is still a wish,
Vanishing sorrow's deletion is still a wish.

.    .    .