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Since childhood, I have heard from my parents and acquaintances that the first academic life of a human being starts in the mother's lap, and then she entrusts her children to the teacher. At that time, children are like inconsequential stones that the teacher carves into a diamond. Yes, it is perfectly accepted and confirmed that parents lead the way their children walk on the earth, step by step, but the teacher focuses on their scholastic aptitude and gives them the idea to stir in the world. Parents guide their children in the manners of standing up and sitting down at home, but the teacher is the great being who makes a child a human being and takes them out of the category of animal and introduces them to the group of humanity. His personality plays an undeniable role in our lives, which can’t be forgotten. He is the only source of education, knowledge, learning, and information for children. He motivates the children to do better in every domain and helps them achieve their life goals. In developed nations and civilised societies, he has a special place and a prominent position because the formation of a civilized, peaceful, and conscious society is done only by the teacher. Undoubtedly, a teacher is a priceless gift of human life; without it, humans are incomplete.

It is another indisputable fact that the teacher is the flower whose fragrance pervades the children’s lives. He is a lamp by which the children find the path of encouragement in the darkness of life. He is a ladder through which the children ascend to the position of success in real life. His life is accessible as a model of collaboration, adaptability, empathy, and patience in our lives, whose values can't be compared with others. Children are lucky if they have got the best teachers in academic life, because good teachers form the society and instil the spirit of education and training in it, from which the best generation comes into being. He is a generous human being who spends all his precious time on equipping the youth of the nation with tutelage and scholastic. He serves with the sole aim of children being fruitful people who can bring peace and calm in their homes while fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of the nation. Of course, where the teacher trains the youth morally and spiritually, he also equips them with various scientific, technical, and professional skills. If we turn the pages of history, we will see the actions of innumerable teachers who have made the simple life of a student into a gem and a pearl.

Teachers assess their children’s strengths and weaknesses and advise them on how to apply best practises. He simplifies learning by relating various subjects to real-life scenarios. For the children, he simplifies the most difficult phrases and sentences so that they can grasp them quickly. He helps children mature since they frequently seek approval from their teachers. He gives youngsters difficult assignments that help them deal with unpleasant situations in life. A teacher is more than a person who teaches information to their children. He has an important role in influencing children’s futures, from pre-school to colleges and universities. He acts like a rigorous teacher in the classroom, but when we leave, he acts like a kind-hearted buddy, cracking jokes, sharing space with the children, and even enjoying the fun with them. He is always encouraging and empathetic toward his children, and he is proud of their accomplishments in all areas. He saved them from making an erroneous decision in life. He instils in the minds of the children the ability to discriminate between good and evil. He teaches the youngsters the formal concepts of education and training, as well as provides them with a thorough understanding of what they might expect. Without a doubt, we can say, he is as engrossed in the training of his children as a gardener is in the process of pruning and caring for his plants.

On the greatness and heroic personality of a teacher and his role in society, the Urdu poet Dr. Muhammad Iqbal says that "the teacher is actually the protector of the nation because it is his responsibility to improve the future generations and enable them to serve the country." These words are a reflection of the greatness and importance of the teacher. The teacher's duty is more difficult and important than all other duties because the key to all kinds of morals, cultures, and religious virtues is in his hands. And the source of all development is their hard work. He is the source of knowledge, but those who are blessed with the blessings of literature and respect, benefit from his knowledge. For this purpose, the most important thing in human life is to understand the condition of life. For this reason, we strive for what is called education. It is education of all kinds: spiritual, mental, physical, etc., just as it is impossible for a mountain to get rid of rocks, so it is impossible to reach the destination on the path of knowledge without a teacher. Notwithstanding, a teacher is not a king with a crown on his head, but he is really a king maker. Despite all this, the values of teachers in our society were not yesterday nor today. The teacher is known as an ordinary human being here, which is why we are living in the advanced twenty-first century while acting as if it is the eighteenth. So, we have to remain our teacher as a real hero of life.

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