The ones who stand up stronger than ever to achieve what they want, become successful, one such, most successful batsman, is none other than VIRAT KOHLI.

We all have innumerable dreams, tremendous ambitions, and goals in life but only a handful of people make their dreams reality. All of us dream during the nights but the dreams which keep us awake during the nights can be achieved in reality only with our perseverance, determination, hard work, these are just words, but the energy and the positive vibes are the meanings of the words give, incredibly encourages us.

In this journey to reach our destination, we have to face many hurdles and overcome our fears, one such successful and the inspirational batsman is our king Kohli, our run machine, as we start describing this legend, words fall short. King Kohli is from a middle-class family with a massive objective and aim. This great legend was born to Prem Kohli and Saroj Kohli. Seeing the endeavour and ambition in cricket his parents enrolled him in the West Delhi Cricket Academy, Kohli trained at the academy under Rajkumar Sharma. Kohli’s family lived in Meera Bagh until 2015 and then moved to Gurugram and from here Kohli never looked back once, he went on to break all the records and became the World’s Best Cricketer.

Everyone has tough times in life, when Virat was 14, his family had to rent a house and his family business had collapsed. He was not even sure if he would be going to make it professionally as a cricketer or not and suddenly, he realised the competition was so massive that he had to outperform everyone. But still, he believed in himself and which is why today we talk about his success story. When you believe in yourself, you overcome self-doubt and build confidence which makes us do things which we think are beyond our reach. The deeper you dive the more you learn. Believe you can do it and you are halfway there.

We’ve always heard that success, failures, distractions, hurdles should not affect our preparation. Now, our king has shown it beyond doubt, it was on 18th December 2006 Prem Kohli, Virat Kohli’s father left the world forever, it was around 3 am when this tragedy happened and Virat went blank.

He was batting in the Ranji Trophy cricket overnight and was 40 not out, and he had to go in the morning and bat the next day because it was a four-day match. He had faced the worst phase of his life, but still, he went on to the ground to play. Virat also revealed that he was incredibly close to his father. Now after hearing all of it, if I or you were in his shoes, we would have broken down to a very bad extent, but no, there was someone who stood up to go play a match scoring 90runs and saving his team from losing. It instead made Virat exceptionally serious towards achieving his and his father’s dream. The one who stands the strongest in the difficult of the difficult situations wins undoubtedly.

This incident teaches us innumerable lessons of being resolute in difficult times. He also revealed that he delayed his father’s funeral for the match. Doesn’t this line stun you incredibly!! His shirt number is dedicated to his father indicating the date 18 when he died.

Yes, many don’t see the effort behind the most successful people, the failures, the hurdles, the courage, and the sacrifices it takes to make the world we dream of. Our captain says this over and over, the voice inside us must make us strive, it should come from within us, deep within, the fire and the rage must burn with passion and we must rise from the ashes like the phoenix. Virat also states how this incident inspires him to get out of his own troubles and miseries. He states that during this toughest time of his life he remained the strongest why not the other times. This is now a big lesson for all of us, every time someone can’t keep motivating us to proceed further, sometimes we have to go through a lot alone, sometimes we have to walk up the path of hurdles all by ourselves, sometimes we have to face our fears alone, during this time many might criticise you, yes there will be people who will be jealous or might underestimate you, that is when you must gain inspiration and motivation from others or the inspiration from one’s own self, to get up every day to become the best version of yourself.

Even at this very moment, there are people who criticise Virat for each and every small mistake done or by spreading rumours, but avoiding all of it and taking revenge by succeeding, again and again, is the way our king proves himself.

The captain once revealed when he was taken out of the team when he and his team had faced an enormous loss. He came out after showering and saw himself in the mirror he was disgusted by himself, that is when he rose up again, these words he rose up again describe the pain, the effort, the amount of work it receives to hit the big time. Like the thought describes that the most beautiful scenery can be seen only after the hardest climb.

He also explains, the lifestyle changes, the diet, the exercise changes, took him to greater heights of performance. These changes and sacrifices also are not as easy as we think, we ourselves sacrificing what we want is mostly impossible, it takes a great amount of dedication and love for what you want to do, which makes one resist and sacrifice. As a thought states,

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.”

Sachin Tendulkar (God of cricket) had once mentioned that Virat might break his records. And as mentioned Kohli went on to break Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 5065 runs (in 146 innings) for the most runs scored by an Indian batter in ODI matches.

It inspires millions of people including me to listen to such incredible stories of great people.

As a result of all the tremendous sacrifices, hard work, dedication, perseverance, Virat Kohli is the most successful batsman in the world. Some immense achievements are Padma Shri, Arjuna Award for Cricket, Major Dhyan Chand, Khel Ratna Award for Cricket, ICC Men's ODI Cricketer of the Year, and the list goes on and on. Though our king has achieved so much, he still strives to be perfect, he still maintains his diet plans, even now sometimes he may be inconsistent, and sometimes he may be in his best form but still, he is never affected by success and failure.

This stupendous and prominent batsman stepped down from T20 captaincy on 16 September 2021, from ODI captaincy on 8 December 2021, and to Test captaincy on 15 January 2022. I am grief-stricken by all of these steps taken, but I respect our king’s decision and will stand with him till the very last. I am immensely inspired and motivated by all the values and every step Virat takes. Even during this tough time of the pandemic caused by covid-19, Virat Kohli has contributed an enormous amount for the Pm relief and the society. This teaches us to be respectful, kind, and do our bit towards society, for making India a better place to live. Hence let’s all be diligent and work the hardest, stay hospitable and think positive, let our ego not come in our way in these difficult times.


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