Source: sippakorn yamkasikorn from Pixabay
“Sexual violence knows no violence. It occurs in every country, across all parts of society”.

Children are frequently considered as the earthly manifestations of God. Our bright future is built on the basis of children. However, it’s extremely humiliating to admit that certain vulnerable members of our society that commit heinous crimes such as child abuse. Even just imagining this situation gives me the chills. Sexual assault against children is a significant and pervasive problem. 

The POSCO Act is designed to address the heinous crimes of sexual assault and sexual exploitation of children. In 95 percent of rape cases, children were raped by someone they knew rather than strangers. In 10 percent of the cases, children were raped directly raped by their own family members. Cases of child sexual abuse are increasing at an alarming rate all over the world. India is one of the top five countries in the world when it comes to child sexual abuse.

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