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So hey! My name is Mounishka Sharma. I won't make this boring or long, this will just be about my thoughts on bullying/bullies. As we all know, EVERY school in this world has bullies. What is a bully? Let's see, a Bully is a person who hurts, persecutes, or intimidates weaker people. They are usually cruel and mean towards others.

Now that we know what a bully is, Let's get into the topic <3

When someone bullies someone, it affects that person's academic results, self-esteem, and mental health. It can cause serious damage to one's way of thinking too, and yes I know, this is a serious issue, and should be stopped, but not just solved, it should be SOLVED.

Let's look at this from a different angle.

Our topic should be "Why do bullies bully?" and NOT "how to stop bullies from bullying". Even though I agree that bullying shouldn't be something to look up to, every coin has two sides, doesn't it? What I think is, bullies bully because they are insecure about themselves and want to get attention in any way possible because maybe, they are facing problems of their own and maybe because they were raised in a problematic household, which made THEM think that "oh this is the way to get attention and treat others, I'll do the same". I'm not saying that this is RIGHT, or that this is not their fault, I'm saying we all shouldn't go against them or fight them. We should just give them the love they need or calm them down, for this, they'll need professional help, but that would REALLY change everything for them in a really good way. Bullies aren't all bad, their way of thinking is changed because of their own family/friends, and are often influenced by others, and I'm pretty sure, that they're fighting with themselves about all of this too.

Let me keep a situation in front of y'all.

Imagine you are being mean to a person, and you know that this is NOT right but you have been through the same thing and it makes you think that whatever you are doing is right, when it isn't. Will you make yourself a villain here? :)

You wouldn't because you were made to think that it is right.

Bullying is a serious problem in our world, but a bigger problem is how people say "stop bullying". Do we really think that by saying that, it'll be better? Instead of having campaigns and slogans and making someone who already is insecure, feel worse about him/herself, maybe try talking to them and solving their problems. Personally, I think that we all shouldn't go around saying "you matter and you shouldn't think bad about yourself" and also be like "Stop bullying, bullies suck", because, at the end of the day, bullies are humans too. They have feelings, they are a mess but they are real too. I'm not targeting anyone through this, it's just my personal opinion :) No hates <3

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