Part 1

I hail from here
Right where you are dear
You breathe, I too do
You eat, I too do
But why you say I'm dust?
Cause I am Dalit? that's unjust.

I live in the periphery
With deprivation, hunger, and all misery
Never allowed to the well
To drink nor to the temple bell.

Yes, I am a Dalit!
Want our Gloom to be lit.

A father sells his daughter
At nights, just to feel slaughtered
By you. Yes! You my dear.
He hails from here.

To keep the body and soul together
While fishing, men he gather
Guide them to a broken hovel hut
Where his earning daughter sleeps legs apart
Oh sorry! you call her a Slut.

She is just fourteen
Extraordinarily thin and lean
Going school was her only dream
So very wished to get into mainstream.

Yes, I am a poor Dalit!
Want our Gloom to be lit.

Part 2

You remember me, I scavenged?
Worked as if you taking revenge
Blessed you are, you born there
You inhale sweet-smelling air.

But you forget I hail from here
Just from where you are my dear
I see everyday humans degraded with humanity
You are possessed by Goddess of sanity.

Yes, I am a Dalit!
And Want our Gloom to be lit.

Part 3

Imperials converted us
still we are addressed by cuss
Even the mare shadows of ours
Believed to be contaminated for years.

Independence given by the West.
After a long, Sun rises from the East,
Our land glitters in that golden shine
Oh sorry! yours I meant. Only in your Shrine.

Freedom is yet unknown to us
Still you address us by cuss
Yes, I am a Dalit!
Want our Gloom to be lit.

Devoid of the rights you get
Treated worst than a pet
Year by year under vicious circle of debt
But now I am ready to fight, All set.

Supreme Book of Democracy
With 12 schedules yet hovers here illiteracy.
Years back our people demanded Equality and Fraternity,
Unfortunately, we are yet to get our Justice and Liberty.

Yes, we are Dalit!
And Want our Gloom to be lit.

.    .    .