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Is there any such term we can define as “marital rape”? Everyone nowadays is talking about marital rapes but can we say it’s already there in the form of cruelty, domestic violence, etc.? Marital rape is when the consent of the woman comes into the picture, it is when the husband tries to make sexual relations with his wife by force. Since our country considers a democratic country, each and every citizen has their own rights, nobody can even infringe their rights or violate them. If a woman denies having sexual relations with her husband, whatever be the reason, the husband cannot force her by saying a casual statement that “you are my wife, I have the full physical right upon you”. If a woman is saying no, a person cannot go beyond her consent. “NO means NO”. Since husband-wife relation is considered as pure relation in our Hindu System, it does not mean that husband can do anything which is beyond her consent and which is in the form of cruelty or violence.


Since ancient times women are considered slaves for such long time. Nowadays we are talking about their rights, now only we can see women in every field irrespective of its nature or deny the fact that women cannot do the work which men can do. Time has been changed now for each and every woman. But still, each and every woman has not achieved the respect which she really deserves, and still, the woman is suffering from cruelty or violence in many areas of our country.


Marital rape has not been defined anywhere, it’s just in the form of cruelty, violence everywhere. Rapes can be defined in infinite forms, definitions will be less if we are going to make a list on that.

Rapes are existing since ancient times, like if we see the era of Ramayana where we found two monkey brothers named Bali and Sugreev who had common wives Tara and Ruma. Since in that era Lord Rama punished Bali for illicit relations with Ruma. On the other hand in the era of Mahabharta Draupadi was assaulted sexually. Even in the Islam Dharam, it was the time when Umar was the Khalifah and at that time a woman accused his son Abu Shahmah of raping her, and hence he was punished for the same.

It’s not about the religions, it’s not about the caste, it’s all about the women who are suffering, who are tortured, who are forced, who become insane, who become abnormal after violence or anything which causes hurt to her.


Mentality starts from where she lives, where she is playing the role of a mother, wife, sister, etc. Are they gaining any respect that she really deserves? Are they able to enjoy the freedom that our country talks about it? Are they enjoying democracy? We are saying now they are on equal footing if we compared them with men. In reality are they on equal terms?

Are women not being criticized by their husbands? Are women not being exploited or harassed by anyone at the workplace after the guidelines of sexual harassment 2013? Can women safely go anywhere irrespective of the nature of time whether it’s daylight or night? Can a woman shout or yell anywhere when she feels enthusiastic, she will not be criticized by the person that you are a woman, “do not do these kinds of things”.

Since it is the 21st century but still believed that a piece of cloth determines the character of a woman. Irrespective of the nature of the cloth she wears, she is simply judged by the others that if she wears a short, she is characterless, if she wears more than shorts, she seems good and if she wears full clothes covering her whole body, she must belong to a good family.


Lots of instances we have, whether it is rape, domestic violence, and cruelty, or in the form of marital rape. So what is the solution or are we able to find it or will we be able to remove it permanently or it will become a theoretical part only forever which we are supposed to read instances today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Why rape is occurring?

It is because of the lust of the person or the frustration of the person who just wants to fulfill it by any means. Nowadays everyone seems aggressive, frustrating, because of any reason whether it is related to their career, their love life, or any family problem. People want to relax so they demand love affection from their partners. But when it’s not fulfilled they try to complete it by other means. So what is the root cause? Can we say that every married woman is supposed to make sexual relations with her husband at any cost, at any time?

Can we say that every young unmarried couple should come in live-in relationships so that they can fulfill the sex demands along with their career? Can we say that we should start giving priority to “sex” which is still a “taboo” in our country?

Most of the time alcoholics, tobacco consumers, smokers have been recognized as the criminal of the rape. A positive outlook can be there if, Sex education must be in primary schools as an academic subject so that every boy and girl should learn the positive and negative impacts of sex.

Sex education must be shared openly rather than hiding from the children what actually it is. An illiterate person will easily indulge in rape crimes, so education should be provided to each and every person of our country which is their fundamental right, (Right to Education). Indian culture has great ethics and moral values, we all lost it since long time ago, it should be started again from the schools, colleges as an academic subject so that we should believe our values what it says, what it means.

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