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Do you still remember how you created your college gang? Honestly, I never liked my gang members in the beginning, but now they became a lifeline. A day without them, used to be so boring and now it’s been 3 months we are not together.

We still attend classes all together, but we can’t giggle and make fun whenever teacher turns to write something on board. We can’t sneakily open the lunch box and eat in the middle of the class while sitting in the front bench. We can’t sit together after lecture to comment on someone we don’t like. We can’t plan for our senior’s farewell party. Neither can we decide the fresher’s party theme.

College is a place where we find friends everywhere, in the classroom and even in the staff room. We used to sit with our teacher and discuss our life, crack jokes and laugh together. If this Covid-19 thing wasn’t here right now, I am sure I would be with my friends, bunking my class with permission for preparing for fresher’s party. Covid-19 ruined our college world. We don’t even feel the thrill now while bunking a class, it’s so simple, we always want to feel the thrill of the fear of getting caught while bunking.

I miss my friends, my gang as well as those who weren’t in my gang. We all miss the moments we spent there and the plans we made for this year. I miss getting lectured by teachers as punishments, having fun with non-teaching staffs and being friendly with the elevator uncle. We can’t convince our teachers to take lectures in lab to study in AC. We miss making fun of our self in the middle of the corridor to complete a dare and getting scolded by a teacher is what Covid-19 ruined.