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A student’s most stressful time is EXAM TIME! And also, the happiest time too, because the last exam brings VACATION. No matter how busy one student is in preparing for entrance exam, they find a vacant slot to have fun, go to beach, have exam ending parties, read a book or anything they want.

But this time, it’s different, we are trap in our houses and more than that, we don’t know when the exams will be. We are in more stress now, cause some questions that we have in our minds, have no answers. Shall we keep studying last year thing? Should we prepare for higher studies? How will we get admission in college? Should we start studying for next year? It’s a most confusing moment for all the students.

My cousin, who is a last year student, is currently confused. The only solution she found is to keep practicing the Entrance exam question papers that keeps her remember her last year syllabus and getting prepared for entrance too. But she is not trapped, she is still exploring new things, like baking classes by her mother, reading books and many things she likes.

To keep the students active, many colleges and institutions are organising webinars and competitions for all over the country students. To expand everyone’s viewpoint and also help them to stay active and encouraging them for their career even in lockdown atmosphere. Everything has a loophole, we just need to have hope in the higher ups, they are trying to find a way to take exams safely and fairly. We all know how important, last year exams and board exams are, and we need a fair result for each student to help them grow and reach their goals.