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Covid-19 Lockdown, the word sounds so scary, right? Then the thought cross your mind “How hard can it be?”. Then as time passed by we all did realized it's growing boring. I was bored too, as my parents were busy watching the News all day, then discussing it over and over again. And suddenly my life have a fixed schedule, wake-up, news, eat and sleep. I found myself useless, and need a plan to make myself useful and to execute this plan I need my parent’s help. And my first step can be nothing else than to distract them from all the horrible news that making them sick . And YES!! We started playing “LUDO”. First step was a success, and you know what? I loved it, I never thought spending time with my family can ever be this fun just like having fun with friends.

Social media became best friend. The posts kept inspiring me and I planned to enter the KITCHEN. It was hard to convince my mother, after destroying the kitchen several times before, but not for long. And I baked a Chocolate cake, which was good ( a little bit bitter), then I made MOD version Donuts, except it became sugar-free.

After peacefully failing in kitchen, I decided to do something unique. I started stitching, and honestly, it’s much better than my cooking skills. My ‘Mother’s Day’ gift to my mom was an amazing embroidery, her smile is truly priceless. Nothing changed, I have my family safe, I still have friends, I’m still attending my classes, having fun with friends (with earphones on), and living my Life. This Lockdown is just to keep myself safe with my family and friends, it never intended to put a full stop on my life.