Source: Thought Catalog on Unsplash

They mumble that I don't deserve,
They decry that I will never succeed.
They deride of my outer appearance,
They perfectly notice my imperfections.
They laugh at my pains and its very painful,
They exclude me very awfully.

I lost my dreams when I listen to those ineffective words,
I lost myself when I try to repair the kid inside my core,
I lost everything when I hate my short girl feature.
Love your inner self to know yourself,
Love your outer feature to feature yourself,
Love the pretty life to make life pretty.

Hey delicate self,
Be deaf to their needless voices,
Be dumb to their disdainful questions.
Just you eliminate the insult,
Be brave enough to rebuild yourself.
Obtain positivity from their hostile reviews,
Persist the setting with your delicate smile.
Enlighten the life with motivation,
Party the instants with your celebration.
Destiny will be happier than the hallucinations,
Gratitude bestows a fruitful destination.

.    .    .