Source: Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Those friendships which were meant to last longer
aren't any stronger now,
heh, wow.
New connections which already feel like forever,
Again making the same promise of not breaking it. NEVER.
The memories with the people will always be at the back of my head,
Like the last pages of the book I read.
All it took was an old picture
To unfold the moments
Relive it once again
And smile all over again.

It'll always be cherished they say
The smiles in the pictures
is all I die for, each day.
What say?
The promises we made
they did fade,
But those moments
were already captured in my heart back then
don't even ask me when
Now, the promises I make
Still reminds me of us, sitting beside that lake
Laughing without any break
It's not ever gonna be the same
the talks that we had, the walks that we took
aren't getting any older
Once again
Promising something forever
With the new never.

.    .    .