Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: pexels

The moment I opened my eyes I see assymetrical stars in the sky,
So I drew line on them to keep my composure.
I couldn't bare seeing the misfits of the curtain hanging loose
on the left side and..
I was dismayed when I saw the mispositioned of frames
hanging on the wall.
My hands are heated of wanting to put things in order,
Or DISORDER or whatever;
Jars in sequential colors, dishes measured with rulers.
This compulsiveness like uncontrol disciplinary habits keep on
glitch, glitching, twitch, twitching, fix, fixing it
although I try.
And I'm obsessed with picking up hair on the floor
then washed my hands multiple times because of that.
This lifelong process to me seems
I'm not challenging but following my mental desire.

.     .     .