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As far as I’ve observed the stereotype that grew and varies faster amongst all human races is men don’t wash dishes. When I was younger I never thought of that and want to break that stereotype by doing quite the opposite. Now that I grow up this nature of this particular stereotype develops in me and the fact that I live in a big family in which most of the members are boys truly this idea grew within me day after day. This kind of stereotype is not only made up by anyone but it comes naturally to men, men feel too lazy to wash the dishes and came up with the idea that washing dishes affect their masculinity so he tends to leave it and drinks some beer and watch sports instead and let women do their job as it has been stereotyped as a women’s job. 

A man doesn’t wash dishes because his job is to carry a hammer and lift heavy objects, and many more which a woman can’t do so, this kind of feeling has invaded every man’s mind and has become a stereotype. Masculinity will affect me if I keep on doing these ladies' work is that feeling that runs in my mind whenever I wash the dishes with hesitation. I am not blaming the stereotype for washing dishes is a lady's work but it’s me all along who created this feeling inside me because I’m too tired to do it, and then questions flood up in me that if I’m listening and obeying her order to wash the dishes what will she do next after all the males and the female's work are done by me? hopefully, the number of works are measurably unequal, for I had done all the work and she never do any of my work, so that’s the case. It is obviously super silly to disobey her because it will escalate into fighting even if I had many proves and objections with me for reason to not wash the dishes. So I made up my mind that it’s okay for a man to wash the dishes. Even this is all wrong in this present generation which feminism arose and is definitely right to say it’s wrong; men still have the feeling of feeling less of a man though he won’t hesitate to wash it. A stereotype cannot be eliminated.

According to the past, men has been entitled to go to work, earn for the family, drive but not cooking or cleaning as it has been entitled that women should do the cooking, cleaning, driving prohibited, staying at home, but that past might have been still working for men in this generation, men still feel the same even women nowadays as well earn for the family, drive, cook, men will still feel that he’s too tired of carrying heavy things to do the ladies work. Unfortunately, society hasn’t seen the versatility of a woman. She can cook at home as well as earning, she can do chores as well as using the hammer, and this generation women can boxing, Racing, mountain climbing, piloting, whereas the man still doesn’t want to wash the dishes.

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