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I am a 90s born millennial generation child who has seen the transition period. After completing my school, I came to realize that the world really changed with tec1hnology. Ever since human evolution takes place the most valuable thing discovered around the world is fire. We believe miracles happen, the finding of fire by homo Erectus(the upright man of a genus homo) made it true around 1.7-2 million years ago. Centuries and centuries passed down that era are still unpolished.

We came a long way where hundreds of discoveries take place every day. The term “Technology” strongly impacts every second of us. If you ask me the biggest Discovery ever happens after fire then I will go with phones oops! my bad “the smartphones”. In the population of 7.7 billion people on earth, almost everyone has a phone. You and I are part of this Rush, nostalgic about our mobile phones. More than 8 hours of the day we spent on social media, surfing websites, playing games, online shopping, etc.

Let me take you on the journey of somewhere in between technology. A few months back I went to the city of the northeastern state of India due to some office work. I got Some leisure time after finishing my work. My flight tickets were booked for the next day evening. Well, I like to travel by train more in comparison to flights. The main reason is my childhood memories. My family used to go to our ancestral home to meet grandparents during summer vacation. Our siblings always fight for window seats of the compartment because from there we wanted to capture every little thing happening in the world in our eyes. These days l am using flights more to save time which is a very important piece of Technology, but my behaviour changes as I always try to engage in mobiles or laptops to hide from the person next to me. The eyes that want to encapsulate the world’s moment are now ignoring everyone like sitting on each other’s side still apart from the heart.

I plan to explore the city. Due to a lack of knowledge about transportation and the language barrier I took an auto-rickshaw whose driver knows a little bit of Hindi. He took me to a famous temple, which was present on the hill. The temple was the famous shrine of the goddess of desire. There were long queues of people for the darshan of the mother goddess. The structural design was like a cave, stairs were made of stones and wood. My darshan was completed. I started feeling hungry to relieved my hunger, I went to a small restaurant by the slope of Hill. It was kind of a grandma’s kitchen, the grandma makes traditional Indian platter with a lot of side dishes. I observed that all the dishes were made from the traditional way of cooking without using any modern electronic kitchen gadgets like grinders or cutting tools. A big full plate of vegetable types which gives aromatic fragrance of Indian spices, sticky boiled rice cooked in a clay pot and chapatis. As compared to my meals during working hours the food was way more fresh and delightful.

After that, I reached a Museum at the center of the city which was also an art gallery. The special thing about the Museum is, it mixes the past with your present. There was a sound even in silence, a loud sound that is dragging me towards it, saying look I am your past and your existence resides in me. Paintings, handicrafts, potteries, statues are part of history when there was no trace of Technology. They are alive till today. I spent some time in the art gallery turning pages of history. In the corner, there was a small painting made from natural colored dyes which depict a small house in which a woman working on some clothes maybe knitting or stitching, a man carrying children on his bicycle, a group of elderly people who were sitting on temple stairs and a small grocery shop. I was amazed to see how beautiful the painting has been made by putting day-to-day life in one frame. l was thinking in my mind, what would be they talking about?

A few minutes of my parallel universe imagination I questioned - Is it possible in this era? where people are busy in their 9 to 5jobs, having a house in skyscrapers, where no one notices who lives next door. As we reached the top, the visibility of living life becomes blurred. The ground roots, the warmth of the happiness of living turn into sophistication because at the height only a few people can live.

I roamed around the streets for an hour and found a park across the road attached to inland waterways many fairies running between north and south of the city. Some people were resting in the shade of the tree while the chirping sound of birds echoes syncing waves hitting the Shore of the park. Even in so much of peace, it seemed like some incompleteness I was saying in mind what was such? empty swing Oh! children! The missing part in the park were children. They also changed over time. When I was in my childhood I insist on playing in the park after Coming from school and used to play a lot of outdoor games. These days I feel children have refused to go outside, my nephews and nieces are also engaged in their video games mobile phones, laptops throughout the day. For them, the balcony of the house became a park for its namesake. Nowadays no one flies kites, they are confined to festivals only. Kids are learning to race cars, shoot guns in the virtual world but they don’t know anything about real experiences. We are teaching children about technology, law, Business, medicine in school and college but the most important thing to live life was the emotional touch to the basics that we forget to teach them.

I wanted to go to the flea market, to see some traditional handicrafts, textiles There was a shop in the middle of the market, the shopkeeper said hello to me and asked me to come inside to have close look at their shop. He also asked about my wellbeing as if he had known me for years. I had heard this question a lot in my real and virtual life from friends, family, during my office meetings, or on social media, but coming this by an unknown person who didn’t know me at all gives me a positive vibe and generosity. I calmly said I am doing fine how are you, sir? He said you come to our shop we are happier. Before me, he had laid down numbers off fabrics while slowly telling me all kinds of variety and differences in them. For me, that was like the story of every single thread which collectively makes a good piece of cloth material. I never experienced such during online shopping which is my preferable way of shopping. I purchased a local handheld woolen shawl and scarf for my mother. If you look at these markets carefully then you will come to feel that a similar cultural heritage is reflected in every shop but at the same time, all of them have a different opinion on product authenticity. That’s the beauty of street shopping. I whisper to myself. Now my day ends here. I went back to the hotel, after taking a good cold shower I summarised the events in my diary.

Life without technology is something like a human without oxygen. The undertone impact of technology makes miracles every day. I think magic happens from the core of the subject. We should appreciate the surrounding, need to break the shell of the robotic lifestyle. The beauty of life is not lying on an advanced guard but feeling the natural connection. As we are trying to show our aesthetic life on the social circle but true aestheticism is something free-flowing, something simple. I am not a Luddite person, I believe that there is an invisible thread that joins us in the antiques. The object of virtue is marvelous until its origin does not change. We all are close friends on social media sites but still estranged from each other which is called solitary loneliness. Just walk with your loved ones on a real path, spend a good time with family, try to gain knowledge through experiences. There is a whole lot to live, new things to learn. The origin of life on earth takes a billion years to sustain and we humans try to change its nature just in hundreds. The void should be filled, which became larger.

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