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Legal and Law aren't very different, perhaps they are not different at all, they are interconnected.

The dictionary describes Law as "a set of rules decided by a particular place or authority meant for the purpose of keeping the peace and security of society", which we are to legally follow I suppose.

Now let's picture legal or law in our minds, okay what do you see?? the big building that is surrounded by equally big trees? or do you think of lawyers arguing their throats off? ( that is what they show in movies bro) or do you hear the cries and pleas of those unattended people in our JUSTICE SYSTEM? (let's not get all serious I obviously thought of the second one).

I have very little idea about the Indian constitution but for a second let us pretend that I do. There are a total of 470 articles in the Indian Constitution. Originally the Indian Constitution contained a Preamble, 395 Articles, and 8 Schedules. Presently it consists of a Preamble, 465 Articles, and 12 Schedules. There are numerous numbers of Laws and Regulations that we have to follow. India has the longest written constitution. It's known for its diversity, which includes a wide range of ethnic groups, languages, traditions, and faiths, My fellow beings there are few legal laws that make you regret your life decisions

Attempted suicide is illegal, not if successful?

In a blatant undermining of the basic ideas of democracy, Section 309 of the Penal Code makes sure you are punished if you don’t do suicide right. The law states that a successful suicide is legal, but failure to succeed might land you in jail. This is based on the notion that if the person dies, the matter dies with him/her. But, should they survive, they stand answerable and punishable for their action

Imagine if society blamed people for being diagnosed with cancer as an illness clamming it is in their head and their awful choices in life led them to such an awful disease, Ridiculous right? the same goes for mental illness just because it is not seen doesn't mean people don't suffer. why is it considered a shame? why is it a cloud of misunderstandings and judgment? we don't need punishment for not dying properly, what we need legally is for the sufferers to feel safe and accepted within today's society and more awareness about mental health acts. yes, that is what we legally need.


Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was introduced in 1861 during British rule. Section 377 states that the sex between homosexual and other sexual activities is termed against nature or is unlawful. Isn't it weird, like seriously! In 21 century and at this age, how can the Government and different laws tag attraction and sexual activities between the same sex as unnatural or illegal? Everybody should have their own choices and preferences as India is called democratic and this law contradicts the majority rule.

unnatural? define natural then.

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Since section 377 was amended on September 6, 2018, to what extent is the new law applied and helpful to members of the LGBTQ+ community? Do you see specific laws protecting people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity?

It is not only about sex and wanting to legally marry whomever they want, it is also solely about accepting them as who they are not like some weird creatures we've never seen before. The LGBT community doesn't just want queer marriages they want to be able to fit in the mainstream society, perhaps that is in our hands I suppose.

Almost 2.8 billion people are living in countries where identifying as gay could lead to imprisonment, corporal punishment, or even death. In stark contrast, only 780 million people are living in countries where same-sex marriage or civil unions are a legal right.


All of us are very familiar with the laws supporting women and yet the tortures women go through. The Vedas glorified women as the mother, the creator, and one who gives life and worshipped her as Devi or Goddess. Women in India, today, are becoming the most vulnerable section as far as their safety and security are concerned. Violence against women can fit into several broad categories. Some of them are rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, female infanticide, etc. In spite of all these legal pieces of legislation loaded in favor of women, their condition is improving only at a snail’s pace.

Stop telling your children “don’t be depressed” instead ask them why and how can you help them! Accept your children as they are, embrace them. Love is Love. Stop blaming the girls for not dressing properly, teach your SON to respect girls. “Boys will be Boys” NO. Teach your son to do the chores, tell them they are no better than girls. See, everything beings within You, the problem is you and the solution is You.

The only way to legalize all these issues is by PRIOTERIZING them. there's no one taking responsibility for "society", It is us. We Are The Society. Unless and otherwise, we don't legalize these issues, we are never going to breathe in peace. Legalize these issues, make it everyone's problem.

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