Source: Clay Banks on Unsplash

I lay on the grass
with my hands below my head
As a silver coin hung in the sky
And myriad stars winked at me
My 20 year old mind kept asking me questions.
What am I exactly doing in life?
Is this where I am supposed to be?
Am I on the right path in life?
Do I know myself entirely?
Is this the final me? Am I not changing as a person again?
A light breeze touched my face
And my eyelids closed.
This is the most beautiful feeling in the world,
The breeze embracing your face.
Little things in life give the most happiness.
When I am old and grey,
And when ultimately my heart stops,
What are people going to remember me for?
My career that took 15 years to build?
Or my monthly salary that I work so hard for?
‘Sleep now. No more questions,' my mind said.
My eyelids shut firmly. 

.    .    .