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“Toward the midpoint of life’s way, I reached what proved to be a crisis.” -Dante

The vastness of the world never fails to amaze us- originating from the diminutive objects to the ever-expanding Universe, there remains a lot to be explored. Every single second, a wise mind comes up with an idea for the betterment of the society, every single hour, breakthroughs are being discovered, and every single day, something new is born out of nowhere. But once in everyone’s life comes a moment when everything they have lived for, ceases to satisfy them. The source of joy that the world offers stops to have a meaning, making man insatiable. A brilliant example to illustrate this reference is given by a renowned Indian author, Eknath Easwaran:

“Now and then, a sparrow darts in for refuge from the light and then disappears again and where it comes from and where it goes next in the stormy darkness, no one knows.”
We spend our lives in the very same way, fulfilling our purpose whilst being ignorant about it. The sparrows are hints of something that remains unexplored.

The unexplored shelf of the library that our mind is, calls our unconscious mind to seek. Long threads of ceaseless thoughts are woven into the fabrics of our minds. These thoughts occasionally wreck the equilibrium of our mind and also tend to illuminate us. The death or glory of mankind by the mere thought process is carried out by a serendipitous conversation with Self.

Every single person, partly or wholly, has been a spectator of this internal dialogue running on the cassette of his mind. This unusually miraculous dialogue involves character traits from every genre of books that exists on this planet. One can never fathom where these characters would lead him/her. Sometimes, you experience utter frustration- Is it Kingpin, the supervillain from the Marvel World, who is trying to pull you down?

Don’t you get a sudden adrenaline rush to sleuth about the things that intrigue you the most? Yes, that is Sherlock Holmes at work. In a nutshell, self-analysis can often leave us baffled about the choices we make, the steps we take, the actions we perform, and the diction we prefer. At times, self-analysis can be a debacle as it tends to give us an existential crisis. This is a natural human trait and this is the insatiability being referred to.

There is no joy in the finite, there is joy only in the infinite. Such is the human mind wherein lies an infinite amount of information that helps us attain internal peace. We walk every day over a buried treasure. There is a thin line between us and the hidden treasure. No grief, inner conflict, and chaos can cross this line. Beyond the boundary, the blind self ceases to be blind and the hurt is hurt no more.

Henceforth, it is “YOU” who can sort out the jumbled imageries that linger in your mind. “Bitterness is a paralytic. Love is a much more vicious motivator.” This thought provoking line shows how love and optimism can deter us from being cynical. Plunging into yourself, reflecting upon your deeds, and abandoning self-loathing can make you transcend to a point of no return and you will realize how the weather reports shall change- from all dark and cloudy to nice and sunny over your head.

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