Source: Ron Lach from Pexels

The ethnicity of India considers matrimony nuptial a sacred bond not just between two people but also between two families. Although often it is seen such arrangements, if devoid of love becomes a compromise. Something, those two people continue to be in, just because they do not want social chaos. Because in India, people value 'void knots' more than actually seeking divorce and being happy.

Often, such 'not working' marriages result in scandalous extra-matrimonial affairs. According to various surveys conducted, housewives in our country are more likely to get betrayed by their husbands. Also, men who work abroad can become a victim of adultery.

So, isn't there a law for committing adultery except for ground to the civil approach for divorce? Well, the answer to this question is 'NO'. Before, September 27, 2018; according to Section 497 of IPC adultery was a crime. It states,

"Consensual intercourse with the wife of a man without his permission amounts to guilty."
This law was arbitrary and unjust. Hence, was quashed by the supreme court of India. This law treated women as subjugated property of their husbands. Not only that, women were not given the right to file a case against their unfaithful husbands marking the hypocrisy of the law. Besides, it represented men as perpetrators and women as abettors which is not true in every case.

Well, with that comes the actual need to enact firm laws against adultery which provides equality, social and moral justice to all. Consequently, helps in prevailing the taboo of divorce in our community. Because, not everyone can approach this option due to various rationale, especially women. Hence, people would approach to at least make their relationships work rather than looking for another morally wrong alternative. And, you'd ask why will they do that?

And my answer is fear and love make people do righteous things. Hence, adultery laws should affirm. It will save individuals from getting destroyed and lonely in their relationships. Alas, a hope to make this system better! Because infidelity is still acceptable over divorce as it is a stricture in our country's culture.

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