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Around two nights, the noise of the raindrops was probably giving some semblance of relaxation. I was sitting in the depths of misguided thinking, trying to write something with pen and paper in my hands as usual. My eyes were getting slow, along with it the light of my lamp was also. Looking closer, I saw my Googly staring at me, the Googly which was my parrot; Maybe by the sound of taking my limbs opened her eyes and it might be cold; Spreading one of my sheets over her cage, at that very moment I heard a sound from my windows like a shrug.

Then I slowly stepped out towards my windows. I was feeling a little insecure, but still, I do not know why some strange mischief was pulling me; Maybe someone or something is there. I slowly gathered my courage, approached the window and removed the folded curtains from the window, and peeped out. When I looked outside, I saw a plastic red ball pitching down near the window. When I look up a little, I see in front of me; a capricious eye, a disfigured face, disintegrating hair, chapped and dry lips, and bare feet; in a word, I saw a little girl like dry and lifeless. Her innocent eyes were constantly testing me. Her age will probably be about 3/4 years. Even seeing a small life in such a condition in the middle of the night, I was shocked. Without asking any question, I quickly opened the door of my house and ran out to that little girl. Reaching the race, I asked her with my quivering lips ...

Me - Who are you girl? And what are you doing here so wet in the middle of the night? And where are your parents? Where have you come from?

From inside my heart to my tongue, the rate of the question started dropping continuously towards her; and she just kept looking at me. The mountains of my question may have brought her to the peak of her rage. Then I broke the mountains of my questions and asked her slowly ...

Me - Will you walk inside my house with me?

Just saying this, she walked from under my bowed eyelids and silently walked inside my house. I turned around and looked far and wide on the road, even then I could not see any other. I wish I could find a friend of that girl's parents and some siblings. The darkness of the night and the silent voice of that girl was drowning me in the depths of thought. When I ran inside the house, that girl was sitting on the chair lying near my study table, giving me a little smile appearing on the silent face and speechless lips.

Then I went near and asked her what is your name baby?! She kept on gently holding the finger of my hand and saying her name that - 'Lily'. I was feeling like a strange sensation of her choosing me or like had been touching something to my inner soul. Then seeing her condition, I wiped her wet hair with my towel. Just at that moment, I remembered that while providing some dresses in Orphanage last month, I had a couple of clothes left. Then I took out that dress and wore it to Lily. But there was some strange behavior of that girl. If I tell anything to her, she just kept staring at me continuously. I thought she might be hungry. I again asked her comfortably.

Me- Will you drink milk?

Still, then she was in silent. I couldn't understand anything by looking at her like this. Then I said patting her cheek; well come on, it doesn't matter, you just sit here, I'll bring you hot milk for you. While heating milk in the kitchen, my thoughts seemed to be chained within thousands of questions. Then suddenly the bell of the clock broke the noise of thoughts in my mind.

As soon as I grabbed the glass of milk, I ran inside the room to give milk to Lily. When I went inside I saw the paper lying on my table and she was making something sketches on the paper with the pen lying there. I asked her after going to next her. Ummmm.. maybe you are very fond of drawing? Then she smiled with her unspoken lips and said yes, shaking her head. Then I said; Lily! that the milk is a little too hot, drink it before it cools down. I'm going to make a bed for you, okay! While saying this, he grabbed the glass of hot milk and in one breath finished the whole glass. At last, I was just about to say, Lily! milk is too hot!

I was starting to feel a little more intimidated by her behavior. Then I asked her comfortably, daughter, did you get hurt? As soon as I asked her, without answering any question, she ran to the bed and lay down. I thought maybe she is tired, let her sleep now and wait for the morning to come, then think of something to do. While sitting in the depths of thought, I looked a little over his drawing lying on the table, then that drawing was looking a bit weird. After taking a closer look at that drawing, I was trying to understand something. In that drawing, I was seeing and deeply noticed many girls, some trees, and some people along with carvers. Taking my eyes off that drawing paper and looking in front of me, Lily had become stiff in front of my eyes. Suddenly I was frightened to see her like this.

Then I said, baby! you were sleeping, then what happened, you came and stood in front of me! do you need anything? Then, looking into my eyes, holding my fingers and placing them on top of the paper which contained some pictures, she said softly, giving me a gesture, I have to go there. I didn't understand anything at that time.

I said yes it is okay Lily! but now it is raining outside it is dark and it is midnight from above, how can I take you there now? Just let the daughter be in the morning, I myself will take you to the place where you live, okay! Then from under my hands, she took the pen on the paper and started making tears from the eyes of the girls made in the drawing. and stared at me constantly with her bold eye. I felt from her attitude like this, maybe she was too inquisitive to go there.

Then I told him it's okay baby don't be upset, I will take you and drop you at your place. But where do you live Lily? then still she remained silent. I asked that if you remain silent like this, then how will I know where and which place we will go, where have you come from? Then pointing slowly, she glanced at the painting of Sri Krishnan on the wall behind the door and was looking at me.

At that time, after meeting me for the first time, she looked away from me and looked at some other place. I could not understand anything very well from her gestures. I thought maybe she would have lived near the temple, so I asked her; Do you live near at which Lord Krishna's temple? Then she was proving my guess wrong by shaking her head like 'No'. Then, seeing me thinking, she placed her drawing in my hand and again started pointing at the picture of Lord Krishna with her fingers. Combining that drawing and the picture of Lord Krishna, thinking from within my little understanding, I asked her, have you come from Radhakrishnan Orphanage? That's all, as soon as I asked her, she smiled softly and in her smile, I got the answer to my question. Her smile broke the depths of my hours of thinking-blow and put a little relief in me. Then I got out of my car and took Lily and went towards her expected goal. As soon as I reached there, I looked at Lily and said, come on now, we have reached the moment of your inculcate happiness. Then I got down from the car, closed the door and opened the door on its side to let Lily out and when I looked into the Lily was seen missing from the car.

I couldn't see anything with the darkness. I was looking for Lily inside the car, but I could not find Lily anywhere. I thought maybe Lily got out of the car in a hurry and went inside Orphanage. But when I started moving towards the Orphanage, I saw Orphanage's gate locked from inside. Then where did lily go? I was not understanding anything, what should I do in the end, where should I find Lily now? Then I remembered from her drawing of Lily that, she made some trees, deep holes, and such human beings. And as much as I remember last month when I came here with my friend Manoj for donation, Then the Orphanage people did not allow the children to play there. And on the same ground, Manoj and I had opened donation camps on his side area and only after we got permission to open with the complexity; just because my friend Manoj was a journalist and on that day some reporters also came there to moderate that camp. I remembered that maybe Lily's drawing showed me something similar with the same background map of the Orphanage's area. So I thought Lily might have gone through the gate behind Orphanage, so I thought I should go over there and check.

Don't know, I was feeling some suspense. Before leaving, I called up Manoj. While ringing two or three times and the pit Manoj was not picking up the phone. At last, Manoj picked up his phone.

Me - Hello! Manoj!

Manoj - Yes say, my buddy, who breaks sleep with such calls at night.

Manoj was commanded to understand by the voice of my rate, I am in some trouble.

Manoj- Are you okay Ridhi?

Me - Nothing is fine man, you will know everything as soon as you come to Radhakrishnan Orphanage. Please come soon!

Manoj - What are you doing there Ridhi? and that's so in the middle of the night.

He said okay you stay there, I am just leaving. yes, my friend come soon! It was almost 3.30 the night. While talking with Manoj inside the car, I heard the sound of something loudly squeaking. I started getting scared, finally, the sound of screaming was so loud!!! I hang up the phone, I got out of the car and hurried to the ground behind Orphanage. Since it was so dark when I needed the light, halfway I remembered that I had left my phone in the car. I was so worried for Lily that I still tried to pass the darkness. When I was just about to move forward, I sprained my legs after being hit by a stone and I slipped and fell there. Ah ouch! While trying to wake me up, I found an object near my hands. With that thunder's light, I tried to know that thing was dirty with mud and that was a doll which had no eyes. Seeing that strange doll, I was shocked and threw it shouted loudly. At the same time, keeping his hand on my shoulder, Manoj said to me from behind and took my name loudly.

Monoj- Ridhi are you crazy? What has happened to you, you are not picking up the phone again in such heavy rain here at night. What's going on man? God bless I found you here. Then I hugged Manoj and with trembling lips, I started crying saying Lily that Lily; Manoj!

Manoj - What Lily who Lily?

I said a baby girl, Lily, who came to my house tonight, had come to drop her here from home. But where did she suddenly disappear? Manoj! I am very scared, the orphanage locked from inside, then the sound of screaming.. oops Manoj.. plz dude hurry up! It's not too late for us to find Lily.

Manoj said while listening to my every anecdote.

Manoj - It's okay, don't panic, I'm with you now... Now we'll find it together, okay!

Both of us had moved just about ten steps in search, at the same time we heard the sound of a conversation between some people. And along with that, we were hearing the sound of the carve. We both looked at each other with large and secret eyes.

Manoj - Did you hear what I heard?

I said yes.

We both started moving forward. If no one could see us, both of us hide behind a tree and began to perceive what was going on there. There was a man who was digging deeper than his height, and a man was sitting on a chair. A short distance away, the bodies of some children were lying near the buried hole, Then at a short distance from it a tent was tied and two bulbs were swinging in it, The body of a girl was kept on an old stretcher under that tent, Somebody wearing an apron was doing surgery with that girl... Maybe he was a surgeon. Both of us were shocked to see all this. Then Manoj hiding the phone from inside his raincoat started shooting everything that was happening at the moment. And in just a few minutes his surgery was over. What was going on in front of our eyes, we could not understand anything. Some packets were lying near that stretcher. But since I couldn't see anything from afar, I asked Manoj to zoom in on his phone's camera. After a little focus, we came to know that all those packages are filled with blood along with the eyes and kidneys also. Seeing all this my eyes were filled with tears of fear. We both almost understood what was going on there. I was just about to shout loudly saying my lily, at that time; Manoj made me silent by pressing his hand on my mouth.

Manoj - You are the mad girl just shut up. If we raise our voice for now, perhaps after today all the remaining children will be killed in the same way as this. Right!

Me - What should we do Manoj how we will keep watching this everything? Those demons people took the life of my lily along with many children Manoj... they killed them. Manoj hugged me tightly with his tearful eyes and said have patience my dude have patience. Just let the hour of this mystery be captured in this camera today.

With tears in our eyes and fear in our hearts, both of us were standing there at that time. Like, while erasing one sin, it has become our compulsion to get wrapped up in those sins. At the same time, the person sitting on the chair, as far as we remember, his name is Harinder Pal and he used to be the trustee of that Orphanage. He was shouting at that person who buried the hole; Oh oh foolish man, quickly pick up all this dead gluten and throw it in the carved hole, There are only a few more hours left in the morning. Hurry up!

Carver - Yes sir! Only one corpse is left, which the doctor has kept in his stretcher. And I have buried all of them.

Harindar Pal to Dr. - Surgeon sir, if your work is done, then pick it up and throw that corpse in that deep hole. And put the rest of the cash in my pocket, before it becomes morning, pick up the piece of your blood-filled packets and get out of from here immediately. understand or not?

Dr. To Harindar Pal - Yes! Mr.Harinder Pal is just waiting for the van to arrive. Just come to the van, after giving you your cash, we will leave from here without any delay.

After seeing all this, we immediately informed the police. Within a few minutes, when the doctor's van was leaving from there, at the same time the police reached and caught those people with their van. And Harinder Pal was caught by running away. Then we both came out from behind the tree and brought to the front everything that had been shot; that had been blindfolding people for many days ago. Basically to those people who donate thousand rupees every month for the progress of Orphanage's children. It was found in the investigations that those people used to make false promises of sending them out by showing the fake paper to teach the children, but in fact, they used to kill them after by taking out the breath of their bodies they sent that parts out, they used to earn crores and crores of rupees every month. When Harinder Pal was interrogated by the police by putting on handcuffs, I went to him and asked about Lily's body, I came to know from him that; this monster people have already done this with Lily a month ago. After hearing this, I went there in shock and I lost my senses.

When I opened my eyes, I saw myself in my bedroom and Manoj was sitting beside me.

Manoj - Ridhi, are you alright? How are you feeling now?

Me - I'm okay Manoj.

Manoj - Thank God; dude! It's my goodness that your senses came back. Alright, you rest now and I will take medicines for you.

After leaving Manoj, when I got up to get water, there was a red ball kept under the drawing of Lily lying on my table and when I lifted that ball I saw that “thank you” was written on it.


All beings are to be valued, irrespective of age, sex, race, religion, social status, or potential for achievement. Human life is a basic good as opposed to an instrumental good, a good in itself rather than as a means to an end. Human life is sacred because it's a gift from God.

Therefore the deliberate taking of someone's life should be prohibited except in self-defense or the legitimate defense of others. (Sanctity of life)

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