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Once upon a time, there lived a king named Tithonus. He was full of wisdom and prosperity. He had a queen whose name was Catherine. Tithonus's beloved wife has already given birth to two princesses name Bella and Merry. This time she was expecting her third baby. It was a full moon and windy night when the youngest princess was born at 12:00 AM. The king was very happy to see her. She was so beautiful with rosy cheeks and blue eyes. The whole kingdom celebrated this wonderful moment and was happy by the news of the youngest princess. The king declared a ceremony to be held in kingdom after three days. 

After three days whole kingdom came to give blessings to the new born baby. One of the old Queen named her Rosemud due to her extreme beauty and pleasing features. Everyone was happy and blissful when they suddenly saw the glasses of window trembling, the tables on the floors were shaking. The tinkling voices of winds entered the main door. A heavy noise could be heard by everyone. A wind whose shape was like a shallow woman with a transparent physique. It was a black shadow which was in wind form. That wind was making howling sounds besides everyone’s ears, whenever it was passing by. The echo of the sound could be heard which was too scary to see from naked eyes. The king roared and asked who are you? And what do you want? The voice laughed and said, I am the servant of the evil queen. My lord is in your hand and I am here to take her with me. The king screamed and told him to leave his kingdom. There is no lord here and don’t ruin the ceremony. The servant said the little baby who was born at 12:00 AM is our lord. One day she has to be our leader. The king said, I don’t believe you and for god, sake leaves my daughter. The voice agreed not to follow them and leave the kingdom. But before leaving she warned the king that you won’t be able to protect her because the moment she will face the full moon she will turn into an evil spirit. The kingdom went into shock and the king was in trauma for several days. The princess Rosemud was paid more attention from now. She was never allowed to go outside her room, had no window in her room. She was kept behind the walls, she always asked the reason to her father why she has to go through with all those things. The queen was always concerned for her daughter. One day when everyone was sleeping, Rosemud heard a voice which was calling her. Those whispering sounds attracted her and called her again and again. She came out of her room where all the gatekeepers were sleeping. She kept on heading towards the sound. She came to the garden where the roses were planted. She looked upward and she saw a full moon. She is 18 years old but has never seen a full moon in her entire life. She kept on staring at the moon until her eyes pupil turned black. She experienced something was wrong, so she tried to escape inside the kingdom but she was surrounded by the wind with black shadows. She heard the voice welcome my queen, welcome! The whole scenario changed drastically, the time froze out! At that moment, each and everyone got frozen. The flower and trees started shedding their leaves. The whole domain looked barren with no life. The princess was captivated by an evil spirit. She got converted into a little tornado with a transparent physique. 

The years have passed out but the condition of the kingdom remained the same. But, one day a prince came in the search of his princess. He was told that he will get married to the third daughter of Tithonus. When he came to Tithonus kingdom, he can only feel the cold winds and see an ice-cold dessert all around. He was on his horse and mapping out the place when he saw a black shadow in form of a tornado. He went to that shadow and asked her to hold his hand. You are my future wife and I am here to marry you. She hesitated but he kept on insisting her to come close. She kept on hearing the voices not to go closer to him. But the princess was so attracted towards him that she was not able to stop herself. She held his hand and went closer to him. He said you are so lonely, saying that he kissed on the lips of the princess. The moment he did that the time started moving. The kingdom came to life, the trees and flowers came to life. Everyone woke up from their deep sleep. This is how the prince liberated the princess from her curse. After that, they both married each other and lived a very happy life.

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