Corruption has come long way today. Starting from petty bribes given to government officers to leaders embezzling public money. Through its journey corruption has evolved and has managed to add few other fancy tags to its domain. Name it extortion, nepotism, patronage or money laundering, each kind has been deep engraved in our lives. Its eroding our economy and shrinking the fate of livelihood of millions in the hands of few felonious minds.

We take pride in characterizing Government officers as the torch bearers of corruption, but the fact is that the immoral attitude of our people is what encourages corruption. I believe that when we bury our moral values, we sow a seed for corruption. Where are our morals? Unfortunately, we have graduated to an era where living upto our morals is considered as stupidity. Tolerance is seen as a weakness; honesty is not the best policy and hard work is a waste of time. I wish people see through the veil and understand the importance of moral values in our lives. So how do we learn about it. We need not google it. It’s just a way of life which parents teach their children since the beginning, it was practiced in the education system which prevailed in ancient times.

Everybody these days is busy earning money to secure their future and on their way they throw away these morals to lighten their burdensome life. This is where corruption thrives. It flourishes when we give away our morals for a temporary gain. It’s time to realise that we can end corruption when we can adopt good values in our living. This must be taught by the parents to their children day in day out. This needs to be inculcated in our current education system and work cultures. Is it that difficult to live in an ethical way?

It may sound disrespectful but indeed parents today are not very keen of hard bounding children with ethics. Morals are just present in the story books which people buy to show their children, but I feel sorry that when it comes to adopting these morals, people take a casual approach. Children’s minds are like a sponge; they can absorb loads of things. I wish we can take some pain and honor in making children believe in these values and make every attempt to get them habitual of such living.

Its not only about the upbringing. Parents cannot be like mobile networks following us everywhere. We are mature enough to understand what is right. Our actions lead us to our karma. Don’t be ashamed to say no to those who are encouraging you to fall prey to the corrupt culture. Following good values is the simplest way of living and those who follow it, know it’s true.

Society is tired up of the dishonest behaviour of such people who misuse their power. If you are in power why not make the best use of it. Greed can fill one’s pockets, but it will not fill you with content. It would be blissful if we can also divert some energy towards living our lives the right way. So be the first to accept this and people will follow. So let me put it differently:

When you hang around five confident people, you will be the sixth;

When you are surrounded by five successful people, you will be the sixth;

When you surrounded by five intelligent people, you will be the sixth;

When are surrounded by five good people, you are bound to be the sixth.

Decide wisely.