Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

In a tunnel so dark, with no hint of light.
Walking, contemplating every step
Yet not stopping,
cause that's what you fear the most
Being stuck!
to not be able to move.
aimlessly walking is better you think
Just like someone drowning,
kicking the water in the hope to survive
But usually, that is futile.
Lot on mind yet nothing to say out loud
Stuck in a whirlwind of thoughts yet so blank
Eyes all teary but upheld a smile
I try everything to make it right
Stretching the band until it breaks
Ouch! That hurts
Shouldn't have overdone it then!
LEAVE, relax!
Don't kick the water
STOP breathing!
Hold your breath, now try going up!
You made it! You crossed the tunnel you can see the light.

* * * * *

‘There are two primary phases between which we keep juggling, the light and the dark. Philosophers say that one only cherishes light when one meets the dark, quite a plausible explanation to comprehend what we are going through. Most of us despise bad days but they are inevitable., failure, fear, and sadness aka ‘THE DARK,’ can lead us to experience the worst of life. The intensity varies, which is controlled by many factors but one striking feature which is responsible for most of this torture has to be the mind.’

“As I continued to walk in this tunnel every scope of hope seemed to diminish with each step. But I couldn’t stop there, right? This only meant being stuck in this forever! Hence, I continued to venture into this darkness, and Alas! The aimlessness got me nowhere.”

* * * * *

The most common reaction one exhibits in a phase of darkness is to overthink. Taken back by overwhelming negative thoughts and most often exaggeration of the event. One finds themselves in a sort of whirlwind, where you find yourself stuck and tired as you can’t see the end of it. How could you when your mind doesn’t want to see it?

“What may come I won’t give up I decided, I push and flap the water to try to save myself from drowning, but why are all my attempts going in vain? I exert more pressure cause maybe my efforts are less?”

* * * * *

‘Some of us figure out that it is upon ourselves to break out of this tunnel but meet failure with our impatient attempts. Out of desperation extra force is exerted not realizing that it is making the process all the more difficult.’

“Every failure makes me sad, sucking out the will to fight back. I am all tired but I try to get hold of myself. Stretch the band and it gets bigger, so big that I couldn’t take it anymore I give up and it zaps back at me hurting me more than I could have imagined.”

* * * * *

‘Overdoing anything is subjected to harm. You overthink, overtry, and overreact to the dark. But when the technique is wrong, you are the one to get hurt when you punch the bag.’

“The time finally arrived where I gave up stopped kicking the water, threw away the band, and sat idle in the tunnel. Moments went by and the solitude ignited a different light in me. The darkness seemed to fade away a sort of light followed, and with that came a thought just like a flash, the right way came naturally to me. I instantly took a hold of my breath and jumped back into THE LIGHT”

* * * * *

‘The dark is an uncomfortable phase and naturally one will react tenfold to get out of it. This only enlarges the issue as you would have two problems to deal with, one the issue itself and two the overwhelming emotions that the reaction created. Darkness is to be felt, you need to sit with it. The mind has a key to tone down and up the intensity of an issue. To take control of a situation you take control of the mind and just like that, things start to fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle of sorts. Patience, will, and hard work are what the Darkness wants you to adopt and it will transform itself into LIGHT forever.

.     .     .