The term - 'over exploitation' is used for those particular phenomena in which any desired things are getting vanished eventually time by time. Many places and their peoples are suffering from this problem in the sense of natural resources, cultural heritage, agricultural properties, and many more.  But the biggest victim of this disaster is our own mother - Bharat Mata, our India.

Every year, our country lost its millions of citizens by migration to other countries. According to the source of the Union ministry of home affairs, 6 lakh Indians gave up their citizenship in the last five years. Among which the grand numbers of peoples involve the youths. From both urban and rural areas, those in the age group 10-29 years make up a large portion of the total migrants. 

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that an increasing proportion of India's emigrants are likely to be higher skilled or that policymakers should be worried about a rise in 'brain drain' - the exodus of highly trained professionals from their native country. Over almost three decades, between 1990-2017, India witnessed waves of skilled and unskilled labour emigration. 

Characteristics of Youth Migration

(i) Due to Education:

"Migration is an old story. But the most important phenomenon we are seeing today is, people, moving for education." - Author S Chandrasekhar

The migration data from the 2011 census was recently released by the census office. According to the data, 1 out of 100 migrants in India moves in search of education. In the case of education as a reason for migration, youths account for 57.5% since this is the prime age for education. As per the survey of Morgan Stanley, 12 million highly educated people from India have migrated as of 2016. Those in the age group of 10-29 constitute 81.6% of those who have migrated for education. It means the major part of migrators is literate youths of our country. These numbers are really very shocking! And this reality is very awful for us. 

According to studies and surveys of many organizations, it is a reality that the degree of under graduation and post-graduation is toughest in India. That means the degree of any other country is comparatively easy to India. But the Indian people's mentality of a student who completed their higher studies in foreign countries are more intelligent and genius as compared to the students who completed their studies in India is totally senseless. This mentality is totally corrosion of our mind. A student is a student, there is no kind of difference between them on the basis of where they completed their studies. So, the reason for the migration of our youth on the basis of this blind mentality is totally avoidable. 

At the second side, we can also see another harsh reality that, these counts of skilled people's migration is increasing time by time. 

(ii) Due to work/employment, business criteria:

Another shameful fact for us is, India ranks no.1 when it comes to the migration of rich and educated people. It sounds so surprising that the people of that country which was previously known as 'sone ki chidiya' (a golden sparrow - it means the richest country in the world at that time) are facing trouble to achieve any job or starting any business. That's why they look at western countries and test their chances in those countries.

India's working-age population is currently growing by 1.3 million each month. Exacerbating a stagnant job market that is further afflicted by a lack of employment. That's why people migrate to foreign countries to fulfilling their daily needs and that is totally fine. In those countries, our Indian people work as honest, dedicated (to that work), and as responsible citizen (for that country only) and that is also fine. But this thing is getting serious when it comes to our country and serving our best to over country. According to the source of the national center for biotechnology information (NCBI), India is the biggest exporter of doctors. And here is one heartbreaking data that, there is 1 Indian doctor for every 1325 Americans, but there is only 1 Indian doctor in India for more than 2400 Indians. 

Why those people can't work for India as honestly as they work for other countries? If this question is going to ask them, they simply answer as - "India is full of corruption and that doesn't make any sense for working honestly for a corrupted country". Well yes, that is also a harsh reality that India is full of corruption but there is no kind of logic covered behind such lines as 'why should I serve my country though my country doesn't serve me?' This is also a totally inappropriate reason to migrate to other countries in the search for jobs. If you can totally show your honesty and responsibility to the nation as a dedicated citizen, you can also earn more than enough money to fulfill your desires. So running out from our nation for higher education and in the search for jobs and businesses is one of the most senseless reasons ever.

(iii) Because of living the high standards life:

If Indian peoples become richer that also becomes a cause of citizens' migration to other countries. 

As India has become wealthier, more of its citizens are leaving its shores. An estimated 17 million Indians were living abroad in 2017, making India the largest source country for international migrants globally up from 7 million in 1990 and a  143% increase, according to an IndiaSpend analysis of data from the United Nations department of economic affairs. According to the source of Morgan Stanley, since 2014; 23,000 millionaires left India. It accounts for around 65% of the global share..way ahead of other countries. 

The above data and surveys simply proves that the migration of wealthier people from India in this extant is hurting India's economic growth. International emigration generally rises with economic development as more people acquire the financial means to travel abroad, and only begins to reduce when countries reach upper-middle income status. The list of causes of migration will not stop. Because they all are human's mind made and it will find one and other reasons for migration. But remember, we lose our 80,000 Indian citizenship of the people who became permanent residents of Canada according to the survey of 2019 conducted by Forbes.

This bunch of data and surveys don't burn your blood? If not, then there is no meaning in writing an article on this precious topic. If you are not going to think about this major problem today, this major results may happen tomorrow...

  • Limitation of the innovative capacity of India. 
  • It is causing a lack of skilled workers. 
  • And because of this the best and the brightest minds of India are working for other countries. 

And as before 1950's, we will be introduced by 'Gulam' (A slave). And at that time, we will not have any right to express our love to Bharat Mata. If these lines are hurting you, then I apologize for that, but this is the TRUTH. Therefore, this is the time for bringing a change - a major change through which we can serve our Matrubhumi (Place of birth).

Jay Hind!

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