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Words often are designed and arranged in a way that what is expressed might be something so ordinary yet made to look so valuable or so important in the most rhythmic, most melodies, at times dark and deep that it seems to flow in a manner that gives it a different form of expression altogether and it makes it a masterpiece. Poems are those words that have been arranged most creatively to bring forth something with harmony. Poetry could make you feel so many emotions at one time or every one poem pouring forth an emotion that you could relate to. A simple picture clicked just adds to your memory but here I could describe it in a poetic poetically feel its a treasure to keep,

I capture every beautiful moment
With a click of my finger,
I hold you on for years
As memories that bring back the smile.
You might be just ready
To rise high and bright
You might just be the tired soul
Who gently sets to say goodbye.
Yogoodbyebe tall from where I see
All that is spread out
Wild and green.
You might be the cool water
That gently moves up
To touch me.
You might be the river that
Flows beside me
You could be just here
You might be just far
I can still keep you with me
As a beautiful picture
As a cherished memory.

It is the words chosen and so arranged to make the simplest of things, events or people sound so different to the reader. Poems reflect the mood of the writer, they are a reflection and the writer's way writer's at things. This could be true for all who write but still to give it a poetic form needs a little more creativity. Poems speak in their own manner, they have a different blend of words. Here I would like to share some more of my own poetic cions.

I want to be free
Free from those closed doors
That do not let mdoessee
The world outside.
I want to be free
From the claws that cut open
The wound to sadly
Make me cry.
I want to be free
Free from the words
Sweetly expressed to hold me down.
I want to be free
From those who
Wouldn't let me wear the crown.
I want to be free
Free from the bonds that
Mean nothing at all
I want to be free
From those who tell me
I am not worth it at all.
I want to be free
From the flowers
That prick me
When I do hold them tight.
I want to be free
Live with dignity
So that you can never say
She never tried.

As you can see poetry is that part of literary work which requires imaginative articulation and creativity which can create an emotional impact on the readers. Poetry is more through feelings than through logic. This is purely my opinion as I feel that when you go through any poem it requires you to understand and picturize what the poet is trying to convey rhythmically. It is that part of literature that needs that felt and understood. It tries to create a response from the reader which is purely emotional. Poems involving love, hatred, disappointment, strength, and weaknesses will affect you in a manner in which you will feel the emotions as well or poems could still bring forth anger and disgust, pain and suffering which will again impact you only if you really flow with the harmony in which the words are arranged.

Another of the poetic creations that I share here will make you realize the importance of every little thing in life.

If it wasn't for the sky
What would you think would be the limit
If it wasn't for the seas
How much depth could you measure,
If it wasn't for the birds
How would you know
You could fly free,
If it wasn't for the noise
How would you know
Silence too has beauty
If it wasn't for a friend
How would you know
Whom you could find
In need,
If it wasn't for the night
How would you know the sun and its heat,
If it wasn't for the clock
How would you know
The value of time,
If it wasn't for the rhythm
You would not know
What beats inside
And keeps you alive.

Poetry has primarily been a lover's delight. Words expressing any emotion through poetry are often more attractive. At the time even writing with a few poetic verses left much more impact on the reader as it always enhances your feelings. A long written hand note or a few poetic lines, the latter seems to make all the difference to many people. The art of writing a poem can be seen originating from epics or ancient tales and the poem in itself gives you an image of the poet's thoughts, feeling and through his or her writing you get a glimpse of their culture or country or language. Every poet uses the verse in its creative melodic word arrangement to express what he feels about something or someone which could be real or imaginative. Poetry in a way creates a very direct connection with the reader however at times the way or should we say the style of the poem might not be very easily understandable. This is where the language of the poet comes into play. In some cases, poetry could give you a complicated picture or idea about what has been expressed by the poet.

However, poetry in itself is an artist's creation which is not by the use of colors on a palette but the blend of words so beautifully put together to connect with you.

Words are just a smile
Just a tear in the eye
Words are just the sunshine
On a gloomy day that has gone by
Words are just hope
That someday everything
Will be alright
Words are the love
That lies deep inside.
I mix them all and
You get to see
How an artist stirs
Everything so beautifully
That just like him
You did once feel.

.    .    .