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The ability to burden and barricade the thought processes and movements of individuals, the outlook and outcome of these hinder the progress of society which we very commonly name Taboo. Restrictions due to perceptions do not change if you are in a society which still sticks to the beliefs and to the taboos which in my opinion are due to superstitions or incidents which take place as a result of someone not following a particular thing which has been forbidden. The belief that something did not work out well or went wrong because it was not strictly followed. Taboos are ways to dominate the emotions and control society.

A lot of these taboos are, do not know why, made to be followed by women specially in our Indian society. No matter how much progress the country makes the one Taboo very prevalent and still followed here is regarding menstruation. Women are considered impure and forbidden to enter temples, even worship in their own homes or take part in anything to do with religion. They are even forbidden to cook for the first three days as they are regarded dirty. A modern day woman cannot adhere to these rules and moreover in todays nuclear family it does not seem practical at all to follow these. This taboo has been passed down from generations and you are looked down and treated as an out caste if you are on your periods. It is easy to write' on your period' and so difficult to speak out loud in families. It is whispered among women themselves and believe me quite an embarrassment for the one who is going through it. It is regarded being shameful if you openly ask for a packet of sanitary pads in public. It has to be hidden in layers that the secret is not leaked out but it does leak out when you are on it . I remember in some households you are not allowed to touch a bottle of pickle when you are having menstruation as it is believed your touch would spoil the pickle. You can spoil the ' spice of life ' of those you gave life to just by your touch.

Another taboo in our society is of offering or taking things with only your right hand. The use of left hand is regarded inauspicious for anything. It is strange how we have followed and passed these things down without even knowing the reasons for doing so. Taboo is merely a statement, someone said and laid down a rule and for ages everyone have been following it. Today a lot of questions are raised and since there are no answers that could logically explain these, there is, what the so called old school think, a constructive assault on the traditions and beliefs of society.

Taboos are not only based on religion but also a societal pressure on individuals. Live in relationship is still in some societies not acceptable. Their is always a character analysis of the people involved. This analysis is specially of the girl. Questions are raised on the upbringing and morals of the girl. A country which has had a history of ‘swayamvara’ in all mythological and religious books. A practice where a girl was to decide among the invited men to choose a suitable match for herself. Today a love marriage (though acceptable now) has never been easily acceptable against an arranged marriage which has always been acceptable, is always been a cause of concern and disruption of the bonds between parents and their children. The Taboo which restricts you from living with somebody you know before marriage but accepts you leaving and living with someone you do not know at all is a strange concept. Here I would also mention sex before marriage is a taboo but the age old tradition of you being allowed to sleep with someone after marriage is so very acceptable. Speaking as well as sharing thoughts or concerns about sex or even educating both your sons and daughters about it is a big taboo. We never educate them, we never teach them to respect the dignity and privacy and giving space to your partner is the major hindrance to the development of society. This taboo to some extent has led to cases of rape which is increasing alarmingly in the country.

Even in a world fast progressing, gender discrimination is always been existing. We readily accept a male or a female but there is always a taboo for those who do not fit into these brackets. It is sad to see the discrimination made to the LGBTQ community. It has been always seen that the birth of a boy has been always welcomed over the birth of a female child. But this is still getting acceptable in society but when you have a special someone who fits into neither these genders it makes people look at them in amusement. They are laughed upon and even secluded from society. There are many who take to the streets to raise a living. Their presence is not welcomed because the society does feel secure and scared if they are turned away with disrespect. The acceptance of them and giving them opportunities in workplaces or even accepting their feelings towards someone just like them is regarded not very good in society. They are humans just like us and they need to get a fair chance, fair choice and opportunities.

When we talk about a progressive society we need to do away with these Taboos. Progress can be made with logical thinking, practicality, good understanding and good reasoning. Our country has been having so many who mustered the courage to raise their voices against social taboos like child marriage, sati( woman sacrificing her life on funeral pyre of her husband) and the purdah system, yet it is bogged down by the pressure of these Taboos. The birth of a girl child and the taboo in which on your death only a son has the right to perform your last rites has over the years seen a lot of changes. Taboos are still there but with the generation who has now started taking a stand against their illogical and impractical practices could one day might achieve to build a society which has got ridden off the Taboos. It is better you Talk About Opportunities which Open for everyone rather than stagger along on the basis of following norms which could hinder development called Taboos.

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