Photo by Valerie Voila: pexels

I'm walking through a maze of sorts,
This all feels so surreal,
I realise it is a rose garden,
It's slowly getting darker, how I feel.
Mesmerized by the scent of the flowers,
I reach out, but each stem leaves me forlorn,
And I try to stand on my tip-toes,
Instead, I always snag a thorn.
And I try and fail each time,
Thinking this next one will be mine,
And I put in all the effort I can,
I keep telling myself, now, it's definitely My Time.
And yet every time I reach out,
To grab a rose up from it's stem,
Each time happiness eludes me,
Yet I keep on going after them.
A long time later I find myself in tears,
As I sit down sobbing on the park bench,
I look at my scratched and bruised hands,
Empty, for happiness, the thirst of my heart, I couldn't quench.
A long time later I started to stand,
Defeated, the clouds above me, a darker hue,
I looked longingly at the Roses,
No matter how hard I tried,
I couldn't force them down, I knew.
And so I packed up my things,
And slowly settled into my defeat,
Maybe happiness wasn't so easy,
Or maybe it was just something I couldn't achieve.
So I moved on slowly at first,
Out of the maze into the morning bright,
Slowly I reached a meadow,
So full of yellow light.
I reached down to touch them,
The sunflowers swayed back and forth,
No thorns came to tear at me,
Here I could sit in peace, alone.
Sitting beneath the sun so bright,
The flowers around seemed to turn,
And in their smiling faces,
I realised, was the lesson I was meant to learn.
Happiness wasn't always about,
What I thought I wanted with all of my hearts desire,
Happiness creeps upon you like a whisper,
It's peaceful and calm, yet it's blaze, warm as fire.
It cannot be sought out,
And forced into your hand,
No, happiness come to those who seek solace,
And it comes only when it plans.

.    .    .