Image by Annette Jones from Pixabay 

Whispering of wind
in whistling woods
moonlit night of new year
12 o'clock bell announced
of nearby church and
sleeping birds chirped
as if they knew new dawn is
few hours away....
Blessing, health, peace, and prosperity
are the words
world needed but
Putin, and Zelenskyy had
something else in mind
(Nato and Biden, G-7 and India are catalysts
watching, reacting, warning, provoking??_
are they trying to make the peace !!??
or heading towards third world war....??
humanity is anxious!!)
20 February 2014 was the day
Russia invaded Ukraine
as they could not digest history of
ussr split into many
and making of their next bigger
"u" kraine ssr" named rebel and independent
neighbor on 24 August 1991
Psychology behind it was same as
it was after partition of India on 15th august 1947
and creation of independent Pakistan a day before
and then making of Bangladesh in 1971
And now on 24th February 2022,
Russia launched full scale invasion
of the Ukraine mainland
and reached till
its capital... KYIV
As their hostility aggravated
since 2014 Ukrainian revolution of dignity,
with support of Europe
after annexation of
Crime and part of Donbas from Ukraine
which is an illegal act
they are internationally recognized part of Ukraine 
The way East Pakistan was axed from West Pakistan,
as an independent Bangladesh in South Asia
with support of Sandwiched India
thus, Jammu and Kashmir problem aggravated
Leh and Ladakh has made roadway to China from Pakistan
China captured our Kailash Mansarover, land
Tibet problem escalated,
(We all know,
Dalai Lama undergrounded
went in exile in India (1959/31/march)
Created shadow Tibet in Dharamshala city
of our Himachal Pradesh State.
In 1984 he tried once to visit Tibet
but Chinese military stopped him.
Pakistan occupied Kashmir is our land
recognized as Indian territory
but illegally annexed by our neighbour Pakistan
who are supporting Islamic jihadi terror outfits there
now they have joined mainstream politics of Pakistan,
as a political party in their elections now.
So as illegal immigrants of Bangladesh
"in northeast, West Bengal and Bihar
who has supports of
"Huji" jihadist terror outfits and Naxalites.
(We all know organizations like-simi in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Indian Mujahidin (IM) in Uttar Pradesh are local terror outfits helping, grooming, Guiding, and having terror links..
are getting monetarily and ammunition helps from these Naxalite groups and terrorist groups from outside our border countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, China Bangladesh, Myanmar (Rohingya's etc., some are called extremists also)
Putin is backing pro-russian separatist fighters of donetsk people's republic and the Luhansk people's republic in war who are fighting Ukrainian military in an armed conflict for control over eastern Ukraine.
Thoughts are flowing like a free wind and stream turning to be a storm or hurricane' destructions and devastations.
Pain, cry anguish, and ambitions
can't go hands in hand
but this is one reality of life
Russia has their own reasons to fight
Ukraine has their own reasons to resist
both are offensive and defensive??
Just see who all play the catalysts??
let's pray that peace must prevail
in time of when we are fighting against
epidemic corona, worldwide....
we do not need .....war to become endemic !!
.   .   .