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Many of you will not agree to this, if I deny the statement that, "Now women are equal to men", sorry to say but this is the fact, that women have never been considered equal to men, not even today no matter what big govt officials, celebs, media, and society say.

Truth is they just want to show how open-minded they are and how they respect women walking shoulder to shoulder with men, and no one can deny this, that yes women have done everything and can do anything a man can do, and they are doing it every day, balancing their family life and work life, managing so many things at a time same goes with the men, we can't ignore them also but still, I believe that women are not getting acceptance, especially in India, where women who come home after 7 or 8, cannot be considered good women, and women drinking at the party are considered ones who had a bad upbringing and wearing short dresses leads you to rapes, eve-teasing, and countless things.

You can still hear debates on this,

I don't get one thing, if you have declared women equal to men then why you are judging her on these bases, and if you haven't accepted them then why you are claiming their equality.

A man also comes home late, they too drinks and fags, they also go to the pubs, they also wear shorts sometimes with an undershirt only, so When you are not judging them for any of these things then why women?

Things have changed, the time has changed women are blessed to do anything they want (obviously they are exceptions) but from time to time people Make them realised and also teach them time by their actions,  that they are still living in a men's society, and what you think who is doing such things, you will say obviously men's and I will say no "its the women herself", men's society is created by a women herself, so it's obvious that they are the culprits but it's the women who taught them to feel superior to women.

They taught them to control women and create their own world with their rules and regulations and this was all started with our own homes,

"where the man is reaping the crop and the woman is sowing the seed", I guess that explains everything, So...

The day when women can walk freely without any fear or hesitation in front of men.

The day when society keeps you equal to men,

The day when your own mother will treat you equal to your brother,

The day when you could see the equality in people's Eyes, rather than on papers, that day you will be equal in the true sense and here I am talking to all the women from various backgrounds, as again exceptions are always there, so don't ignore the major part by seeing exceptions, now, what can one do to change the perception towards women, Answer is simple.

Teach your son and your daughter to respect each other's opinions and feelings.

It's high time to change your upbringing and change your views towards being a girl, if not done now, then you will never be able to come out from those papers forever,

"Women are the better place and Men are living in it"

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