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In one rain-washed, arcadian evening, I couched myself up near the window-ledge. Holding a cup of coffee and gawking at the exotically ravishing cityscape, I was literally stupefied by the phantasmagorical aurora which gave me a reminiscence of the time long past.

In fact, it endeavored me to connect the dots of the past with the present and busted the gut to bring about the relevance of the circumstances that rather propelled me to pacing up with the Noble Thoughts and ideals. But the tenets of this reminiscence forced me to stumble upon a couple of instances that had doctrined my approach of thinking to a different plane.

In one such instance, which I can fairly recall was on a fine radiant day. I was waking down the street. When in close proximity to the restaurant, I saw a beggar staring cravingly and hysterically towards the restaurant. Standing at a distant, I began to observe him. In not less than a couple of minutes, the inconceivable spectacle gasped me out. A diner from the restaurant came out with a plate full of palatable snacks and jubilantly handed over to him. The beggar was in seventh heaven and was enraptured by his benevolent and amiable act. He fumbled upon and dashed towards a distant tree, where he first fed his ailing brother and then he gobbled the remaining. The insight of this whole sequence edified my mind with the noble thoughts of helping the needy selflessly at the earliest .

At another incidence which I would say that it rather happened coincidentally, that on an odd evening, I took a cup of tea from a roadside tea-stall and was relishing the luscious appetizing tea. But a susurrating conversation capsized my attention and dragged my heedful ears towards it. It was a conversation between a hard toiled, enervated and fatiguing rickshaw puller and the tea seller. But the interesting part was when the rickshaw puller wanted to give another cent for an another cup of tea but his sudden instinct stopped him from doing so. “ Do you want an another cup of tea, Man…huh? ” asked the tea seller. But the rickshaw puller gave a phenomenal reply “ No thanks! I’m marginally satisfied with one cup only— I can’t spend a cent further; cause I have to save it for my family. Even one cent costs! ” and then he quietly went away. His mind-boggling reply was truly thought provoking about saving judiciously of every materialistic aspects; which indubitably gave me a chill down my spine.

Plethora of instances have passed like these in due course of my life, and with every instances there are something to learn, something to think nobly and virtuously. The thought of being humble, being good to others ,caring and sharing, judiciously saving for your future, being adamant and determined to one’s goals and striving hard to succeed despite getting failed are some of the noble thoughts that help me in keeping pace with the journey of my life. And these are my thoughts that I’m proud of having it.

O — a couple of hours have already passed! Now it’s the time to get up out of my couch to proceed with my other activities that shall needs to be accomplished like a bat out of hell.

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