Source: Saengduan Sidaeng on Unsplash

These days we are going through a very tough time, so we do seek everything possible we could do to keep ourselves mentally healthy. Undoubtedly, we are living in a society where we don’t have any genuine concern for each other. Humanity remains a word that can be used for oneself. Nobody wants to know if someone is going from trouble or someone is going to ruin someone’s life out of rage, jealousy, or any other emotion.

Sadly, we become so vulnerable and we have lost in our world where we cannot find ourselves anymore. Wandering from one place to another just to rescue ourselves from a particular situation which we don’t want to face, by being self-centered under the name of self-love, by being selfish enough to fulfill our desire for some kind of obsession by hurting others, and many more activities that we do under the name of emotion just to cover our asses.




Why expect if you can’t fulfill someone else’s expectations? Why treat someone badly or bully them if you can’t handle it? Why blame someone if you are not ready to accept your fault? Why force someone to apologize if you can’t apologize for your mistake? Why ask for acceptance if you can’t expect someone else with their existing self.

Enough of this entire shit that you want to do for satisfying your soul. If we are vulnerable so this is our problem, we need to solve this. We need to explore our inner desires, belongings, possession, obsession, and everything we do feel during the time where we can be broken into pieces. We need to collect those pieces to make ourselves whole. We need to be composed enough to gather ourselves every time we broke down.

You will get hurt, you will find chaos, you will have to face the mess, you will have to stand against the bad or you will be the bad guy and accept the responsibility for your deeds. This is the biggest problem which is faced by our current generation. We can see many examples around us such as love which is an obsession, blaming someone else for your deeds for no reason, looking for peace yet ending up with chaos, you don’t know how to deal with some foreign situation because you are not aware of it, and so on.

We need to learn, how to know ourselves. We should know how to learn from our mistakes, we should know how to accept others' perspectives by not mocking them out. All of the above, we need to be understood rather than faking understanding. Show some empathy, show some respect for others' emotions as you respect yours, show some courtesy for others' efforts, we need this badly.

Understanding is a small word, yet contains deep meaning to know and years to realize what it stands for. Loving yourself is easy, loving others as you do love yourself, is a generous gesture from you.

We need each other more than ever. Everyone has created their world in their dreams, real life has become mobile and mobile becomes fake. We need to live life by sharing or caring. Humanity is lost somewhere, we need to learn to know how things work if it is not in our dreams but we need to find some courage to face real-life issues.

This is life, full of ups and downs. We need to learn how to spend it beautifully because this is life. Beautiful, generous, and courageous life.

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